1. Constantine is one of my 'go to' movies.
    If I'm feeling lost and need to get back to myself, it's one of my go to movies. Crap another good list idea - I only have so much insomnia!!
  2. A friend and I went to see A Walk in the Clouds and it was and still is the only movie I've ever walked out of.
    We were giggling so hard at it, we had to leave out of respect for the people who were loving it. We went to see the Keanu we loved, but didn't find him in that movie...
  3. My ex watched The Devil's Advocate almost daily.
    I didn't think this was that big a deal until I actually watched it. I'm still not sure what he was obsessed with in that movie. I probably don't wanna know.
  4. My big sis introduced so many important 80s movies and music into my life.
    I remember she knew the words to everything and quoted 'flicked lit cigarettes at my head - get up asshole and make me breakfast'. Again, another good list idea here...
  5. I'm one of those 'well if it's popular there's something wrong with it' annoying persons, so I refused to see The Matrix when it came out in theaters.
    My best friend kept doing Trinity moves, and my new college friends (I went to a predominantly film school, but studied journalism) would not NOT talk about it endlessly. I finally saw it on VHS one summer at home by myself and felt very sheepish and ashamed quietly admitting that I was wrong, sometimes what's popular is very, very good.