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5 Best Major League Baseball Cap Style's, Ranked ⚾️🎩

The style of the hat far outweighs the design on it. How you wear your hat, during the game, says a lot about the type of player you are.
  1. 5. The Left Wing
    That's not a joke, that's how Fernando Rodney and several other players wear their hat. I used to yell to them from the stands to let them know it was crooked but it turns out they're doing it on purpose.
  2. 4. The Flat Bread
    Khalil Greene was so good at Clemson I almost thought the flat bill was cool. I mean, at least he pulls it down over his eyes, so it's kinda cool.
  3. 3. The Junior
    Griffey Jr. was so cool! I still wear my hat backwards when I'm hitting in a cage. But you can't wear it like that in a game, so it can't be number one.
  4. 2. The Saturn
    You have to earn this hat. Eric Gagne wore that hat every day, practice or game it didn't matter. And, he was great that season. (*Later we would find out he tested positive for ped's). (See Hall of Fame, that's all you gotta do.) In order to get enough sweat rings on your hat to make it resemble Saturn, you have to play hard, all day, every day.
  5. The Bryan Harvey Bill
    You gotta start somewhere. And for me, that somewhere was Brian Harvey. The first thing I wanted to do when I got my hat in little league was "Harvey my bill out." The goal was always for my hat to be Harveyed out for opening day and looking like Eric Gagne (actually Lenny Dykstra or Craig Biggio) by the end of the season.
  6. *Honorable mention*
    The Pine Tar Hat - you're supposed to keep it on the bottom of your lid son.
  7. *Most Honorable Mention
    Troy Percival - #hatgoals