This conversation was conducted with absolute sincerity. It may not seem that way when you read it, but I promise, she was not joking.
  1. Her: "did you know Japan was an island?"
    Me: "yeah."
  2. How?
    Giphy, I guess.
  3. But isn't it a country?
  4. How can it be a country and an island?
    Because a country just signifies its borders and an island just means it's surrounded by water, so it can be both.
  5. Aren't its borders the water?
    Well, yeah...
  6. Well, like, I know Australia is an island but it's not a country, right?
    Nope. It's a country, a continent and an island.
  7. What's the difference between a continent and a country?
    A continent is the land mass it sits on, but there can be multiple countries on that land mass, like Europe for example.
  8. Huh?
    Think of it like this: the neighborhood you live in is like a continent but your house is a country. You have neighbors and they're a country also, you have borders between what is yours and there's but you also both live on the same connected plot of land.
  9. So how did Kangaroos get to Australia?
  10. Can they swim?
    I don't know. I mean, I doubt it.
  11. So how did they get there?
    How does any animal get to where it's from?
  12. Well, like, when I think of animals and islands, I guess I always thought fish were the only animals that could get there.
    Fish live in the sea, though. They're not on the land. A looooooong time ago all the continents were connected, it's called Pangea and over time they broke apart, and so you have the six continents we have now.
  13. Can you name all six?
  14. How do you know all this?
    Well, to be perfectly honest, I think everyone is supposed to know all this.
  15. Yeah, but how? Pull up a map, just google world map, I bet if you see it, you'll realize you know this stuff.
  16. *pulls up map* ok, so which is a continent and which is a country.
    See this whole section here? *points to south america* that's a continent, but this here (Brazil) is a country.
  17. Ok, this is going to be super embarrassing, but I thought this was Australia. *points to Florida*
    😐 that's still part of the U.S.
  18. So, where's Japan?
    *points to Japan*
  19. Wow, that's far.
    Actually, it's closer to us here in California than any of those other countries.
  20. How?
    Just imagine if this was round...
  21. Oh.... Duh!