My wife, @ElDudetterino just signed up for the app.
  1. I can't block her
    She'll obviously know! And then, how would that look?
  2. Say goodbye to "shit my wife says."
    It'll all be on her lists! Half my material is gone, like a creative divorce.
  3. Speaking of divorce...
    Can't post lists about getting divorced anymore. Nobody wants to log on during a random Tuesday afternoon and read about their relationship and family crumbling to pieces and then see it trending!
  4. Maybe even more than half of my material is gone. (She must have a good creative divorce attorney)
    Probably shouldn't even post that, right? Too many divorce jokes already...
  5. No more lists with screenshots of arguments about cookies or words I mis-pronounce.
    This is really starting to leave a sour taste in my mouth, like too much limon.
  6. On top of all that, I'm not even the smartest or wittiest person in our relationship.
    Even if I did post the occasional decent list, hers are going to be so much better you're going to forget why you even follow me.
  7. I'm doomed! 🙁
    Get ready for a bunch of lists with cute pictures of our dog. Or "shit my husband says." Or "how to be smarter, funnier and better looking than your husband but still make him feel like he's needed."
  8. My biggest fear, is the hit my listapp brand will take. I might need to hire a professional PR firm just to bounce back.
    You're going to find out terrible details about me, like I'm a decent husband who doesn't just eat all of her cookies while posting lists about divorce and attractive Roy g biv themed singers. Being a good husband is v off brand for me. (That's my first time using "v" for very, or referencing my brand.)(see this is driving me crazy! I've resorted to millennial terminology 😱).
  9. And all of this after I scoffed at you for admitting you'd delete posts if your IRL friends signed up.
    Don't judge me if tomorrow my list count goes from 100 to 38.
  10. In all seriousness, I'm happy to have her as part of our community.
    Anything I share with her only gets better because she's a part of it. I expect you'll all enjoy her sense of humor, taste in music and outlook on life. However, I don't expect her to list very much since she's also the busiest person I know; with grad school, working 17 jobs, internship, externship, volunteering, saving the world, making dinner, teaching yoga, being everybody's best friend, traveling and making time for her husband.