Inspired by @mnc1971 and @JennyJLee
  1. Short shorts
    I love the way they look! The weather warms up and I can bust out my combination active wear/board shorts and not get judged too hard for showing more thigh than usual.
  2. Spaghetti Straps
    I love the way they hold everything in place! Velcro it onto my ankle so I don't lose my surfboard when I inevitably fall off because I forget that I'm not Kelly Slater.
  3. Barely there footwear
    Yeah baby, take it off! Get to wear my flip flops everywhere, and/or just go barefoot.
  4. Sundresses
    So fucking hot! I love laying out, letting the summer sun dress my birthday suit with a great tan. Makes my ass look 💯
  5. Bikini
    Actually not that fond of this, way too restrictive on my junk and the top piece gives me a funny tan. I do however like the attention I get, especially when I find one that fits great and I feel confident in. Unfortunately, most of the looks or comments I get come from creepy old guys and not the people I'm actually interested in.