There's a list about "Biz lingo bingo" here Biz Lingo Bingo and I mistakenly thought it was a list about @biz so this is my version of @biz lingo bingo.
  1. Let's stick a pin in it
    Biz said this 3 times the night she dressed as Betsy Ross for Halloween. The first two she was mimicking the sewing of the flag and the third one she was sarcastically ending a conversation with a potential suitor that didn't realize his "sales technique" and "objection overcomes" we're off-putting in a dating environment.
  2. Tent pole
    Biz actually said this twice, yesterday. Once to herself, under her breath, while processing the statement and the other time while telling the story to her sister, "this jerk at the pet store said I was long and lanky like a tent pole! I wasn't even talking to him, he just blurted it out."
  3. Touch base
    This was uttered in a mockery of her mothers voice while cleaning her apartment, "it looks like you refuse to touch base-boards whenever you clean..."
  4. Truanch
    Biz said this when discussing what she might do with her powerball winnings, while on a blind date set up by her brother. They were at the dinner portion of dinner and a movie, after seeing The Big Short, and Biz remarked that she would "take the lump sum upfront rather than wait for the traunch payments." Her date was only pretending to be an intellectual, and even though they just saw the movie, he didn't understand the word and just smiled and nodded along.
  5. Best practices
    Biz was overheard using this term during the social gathering after the cookie exchange at work, when someone remarked that several of their batches were not suitable to bring to the exchange, Biz consoled them by saying "with cookies the best practices turn into the sweetest rewards" and everyone thought it was quite profound, they even suggested it should be a slogan on a Bettie Crocker poster or something.
  6. Millennials
    Biz used this during a phone conversation with her sister while providing details of the blind date her brother had sent her on. She explained that while in line for the movie, her date suggested they see "the one about millenials and falcons(Star Wars) or the one about the mortgage crisis..." and she continued to explain that "he said it with a straight face."