👆🏻all lowercase because I'm a rebel
  1. Static
  2. Bananas
    3 ripe, 3 green, try to find a bunch that has both.
  3. Strawberries
    2 packs of fresh(for $5), 1 bag of frozen.
  4. Blueberries
    Or raspberries. Would also consider blackberries.
  5. Avocados
    4 ripe, 4 really green and hard
  6. Almond milk
    Maybe cashew milk for @ElDudetterino
  7. Cliff bars
    Blueberry only. Don't get the oatmeal ones or they'll sit in the cupboard until the apocalypse.
  8. Apple juice
    18 gallons... or however much fits in 4 shopping carts.
  9. Fish
    A nice salmon filet perhaps? Maybe tuna.
  10. Uncle Bens 90 second rice
    Jasmine, brown, whole grain and basmati.
  11. Squash
    The yellow ones.
  12. Sweet potato
    I really mean yams.
  13. Raisin Nut Bran
    And cows milk because I need it for my cereal.
  14. Chicken breast
    Boneless, skinless.
  15. Drumsticks
    The ones with the strawberry ice cream. You have to go to that one Ralph's to get them.
  16. Bread
    Jewish rye
  17. Lunch meat
    Smoked turkey, thin sliced
  18. Cheese
    Muenster, thin sliced
  19. Condoms
    Trojan Magnum.... just kidding, I don't use condoms.
  20. Mr.T's Bloody Mary mix
    The bottle, not the little cans
  21. Vodka
    The big one. Even if you have to wait for them to get the manager, whose always on a break, to come unlock it and take off that plastic anti-theft device.
  22. Grapefruit juice
    Simply grapefruit juice brand because it makes the best greyhounds
  23. Grapefruit Sculpin
    Or any beer really.
  24. Honey roasted peanuts
  25. One slice of red velvet cake
    To eat on the way home so @ElDudetterino doesn't see it
  26. Qtips
  27. Toilet paper
    Now is not the time to get cheap
  28. Sponges
    The cheap ones
  29. New hand towels
    Callback to the condom thing.