Inspired by @eriknmichaelssrn et al
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    Larry Doby: Second black player in Major League Baseball.
    Broke the American League color barrier, 3 months after Jackie Robinson first played in the National League, at a time when the leagues were completely separate. Gets no love, deserves a ton of respect.
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    1968: What else could happen?
    MLK and RFK assassinated within 2 months of each other. Vietnam. President Richard Nixon. Jimmy Hendrix. Mexico City Olympics ✊🏾. Yale admits women. Civil rights, women's rights, anti-war protests. Abbie Hoffman. Hunter Thompson. Apollo 6 & 7!
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    Rapa Nui: 64 miles of mystery. πŸ—ΏπŸ
    The smallest, most isolated island in the Pacific Ocean, now known as Easter Island, was inhabited/discovered by Polynesian sailors in 300 AD! Dutch sailors didn't find it until the 1700's, after the giant moai had been built up and torn down several times over.
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    Cardiac Cats: 1996-97 Arizona Wildcats πŸ†
    First team to defeat three #1 seeds in the March Madness tournament en route to a championship! (Also defeated North Carolina, an eventual #1 seed, the first game of the season). My favorite basketball team of all-time.
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    The rise and fall of gangster rap 🎀
    From NWA to Biggie, all the beef on and off wax, that helped create the best genre of hip hop music and ultimately destroyed itself.
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    Aprils Fool: The Story of Sidd Finch
    The greatest baseball player you never knew about.
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    People of Peace: The Hopi Creation Myth
    In the beginning there was infinite space and a dude named Tawa. He created a boy named Sue, ok sorry Johnny Cash fans it was actually Sou which is short for Soutuknang or something like that. He told Sou to create 9 universes. Hopi have been telling this story long before we knew there were 9 planets, or 8 (sorry Pluto). After that, Sou created Spider Woman! Then she took white, black, yellow and red clay and made 4 different people and they populated the earth. And that's just the beginning!