Inspired by @BWN_7 and the fabulous @supercommonname
  1. Barry Bonds
    You probably hate him, and that's cool. I totally get it. But he's been my favorite athlete since I was 9 years old. I think he's the best to ever step on a diamond, and I readily admit the second half of his career was... "inflated."
  2. Marshall Faulk
    There is no "Greatest Show on Turf" without Marshall Faulk. I've never had more fun watching anybody play football. It started at San Diego State, I followed him with Indy and when he came to the Rams it changed everything.
  3. Mike Trout
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    When I was growing up, everyone just conceded that Ken Griffey Jr. was the best all around ball player. You couldn't even have an argument about it. That's how I feel about Mike Trout. Only this time, he's on my favorite team! It is truly a treat to watch him play baseball.
  4. Luke Walton
    We were freshman Wildcats together, and I've followed his career ever since. He was awesome in college, so much fun to watch. Then getting drafted by the Lakers, it was cool to have him on another hometown team. Now, he's the winningest NBA coach of all-time! (39-4).
  5. Kurt Warner
    Marshall was the engine, but Kurt drove the car. His story is the stuff movies are made of. Actually, if they made a movie about his life you wouldn't even believe it. Dude was bagging groceries, playing Arena football in Iowa, barely makes the Rams roster and in the last preseason game the starting QB gets hurt. Kurt steps in and is immediately the greatest QB in franchise history and wins the Super Bowl that year. And he's part of the 13 brotherhood ✊🏼
  6. Magic Johnson
    You guys (@BWN_7 @dad3) wanted to be like Mike, but I wanted to be Magic. In the eighties, I would spend hours in my driveway flipping no look or behind the back passes to my friends or to the garage door or into the neighbors bush, just trying to be like Magic. I could be in the NBA right now if I'd spent more time shooting and less time trying ridiculous passes! (👈🏻not true).
  7. Vlad Guerrero
    A traditional strike zone didn't exist for this guy! From the toes to the nose, he was swinging. It didn't matter if it bounced before it got to the plate. I started following him when he was in Montreal and it was like a holiday when he came to the Angels. It was like Christmas + the 4th of July + Cinco de Mayo (or St.Patricks Day, whichever drinking holiday you prefer). Another 27 is making it hard to keep calling Vladdy my favorite Angel.
  8. Kobe Bryant
    Watch how Mamba doesn't even flinch in this gif. That's all you need to know.
  9. JT Snow
    He was born in the same city as me. He went to the University of Arizona. He played for the Angels and later played with Barry Bonds. He's basically lived my dream life. Also, when he was with the Angels he was my favorite player.
  10. Caitlin Lowe
    She was so much fun to watch in college. She would run through the fence to catch the ball, and not like one time, it became a semi regular occurrence. She was the best hitter, the best fielder, the best looking, probably the best in the classroom, all while leading the Wildcats to the championship. For a school that dominates at softball, she's on our Mt.Rushmore, no questions asked.