A companion list to MY FIVE MOST PRIZED POSSESSIONS I couldn't decide my five favorites, so here's a bunch. I wrote them out in case you can't read them from the pictures. If you're not sure how this works, we cut up a bunch of magazines, mix up the words, then TRY to make poetry out of it.
  1. 📝
  2. Introduction:
    We very humbly welcome the worlds most civilized spirit on the scene, this splendid book used to be better than real life, as an intellectual dry run you've just travelled 400 miles, the laws of gravity don't apply to euphoria, two experiences typically ensue, first Hollywood unloads its unholy spawn like a hallucination, at first it is no more than peace, love and oh yeah cryogenically frozen star clusters glittering like jewelry on black velvet, the possibilities are endless,
  3. .
    You are astonished by the view. Second, no matter what you want to do in life, there is a special feel when it comes to finding a collection of your unheard treasures, a history of the universe.
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  5. Dreamin Man
    Naked came the stranger, with gold and hundreds of palace women bedecked in flowers. Galaxies aglow with gentle starlight older than the human species. Are you a star or just a celebrity? You're outdoors, you deserve special treatment, you soon want a bigger telescope. There's no way this kind of monster doesn't need your secret. If you're a man, the centuries-old temple appears and vanishes, I am the new generation.
  6. .
    To unlock your bodies potential, we proudly survive, love is the song we sing, by the realization that we and our world are part of this gigantic system. If you're not a man, Mr.Your-body-is-a-wonderland can cut in and go first. Your shot to mark us with their dirty mind, fun for all ages! Five zillion years went by during the summer monsoon, a tough act to follow.
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  8. Italian Supermodel
    The casino town bet big on the woman behind 'hips don't lie,' who would've thought that here at shark bay on the west coast to the bad girls go the spoils. The gonzo kid replaced by a brutally young and lonely heart, leaving her without enough. Survival of the fittest. Fly, focus, forget. Bars, pubs, clubs, bottles full of bub; the vocabulary used to make the history of haberdashery.
  9. .
    See the big riot on the sunset strip. For the Joshua tree of vaginas, now it's gambling on a taste above all else. The pink recovery. Las Vegas always feeds em when they're hungry.
  10. 🦅
  11. Wildlife
    Good morning. Your eggs are frying, your bacon fills their bombs. Perspective, the private nightmare. I want to explore. Lessons in forbidden love hardly show their age. Vision, Karmic consequences, Deja vu, a lot more serious problems in my life. Three weeks of heavy rain, but all wasn't for naught, enjoying it shouldn't be.
  12. .
    Some in America's most optimistic, guns a blazing, competitive environment, took out a quarter of the missiles. Every situation for the past world will change. Carry a map when we travel into the wild.
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  14. Empire?
    Perfect for any weekend getaway. The island continent is endowed not only with splendid beaches, but also with the wonder down under wearing a fig leaf. A world of amazing good fortune, it was a stark departure for a beach bum. The environment isn't just some women among the high communicators.
  15. .
    Screamed ashore, skimming water off waves, many Americans wait for their calling. People have clusters of hours, so it was back to the pub, where the intriguing interior, providing a rich and varied backdrop, is shaping up to be a prosperous environment.
  16. 🐎
  17. Liberal Hero
    Ol black duck is now in jeopardy. He was a synonym for insufficient. Lay undiscovered for 30years taking care of family. Earning a buck is hard, you must do more. Challenge yourself to face the truth. You'd need a fast horse and a dark knight. Thousands more will die if we don't act, mostly by peasant rice farmers. Here we go again. 11 years out of the workforce left the hyenas without government strategies, but also inspired arguments made to invade the Bush years.
  18. .
    And it's why the natural people are going to comeback. A journey to the agricultural areas in the world, running out of water. The eco-warrior, yours free with any 20million purchase from the federation.
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  20. Footloose
    He spent yesterday surviving how to tempt your lover, some perfection is debatable. Young unpacks his trunk of masturbator, I have exercises, each correct in form and balance. And Kesslers a smooth, easy whiskey on the pocket book, too. Once a week Maria gets together with brat rappers. Every drink is an outrageous car on the autobahn, it's a thrill. The average woman spends a lot to save. I'd spent it all on two hours on the bumper cars, after hours. Three years has been manic, keep me rocking.
  21. 🌉
  22. San Francisco
    Love letters have just one chance. Successful contents, even after thousands of special editions, model the hottest jazz that ever was. When you start stargazing, delicious, reading letters of texting to subjects that matter to you. Throw the empties away, start taking up rarities. Eating together, it's worth it, especially today, among others.
  23. .
    But, the greatest love and community, it also celebrates food, life, music. The boomers big business, vaults reveal better things and utopian dreaming. On the Rolls Royce of a far off place, it is the asphalt beneath your bike.
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  25. Hate
    Men are paying a higher price in this world. The government, worldwide, perverse. People are watching what I do. News, the padded hell, it's why we want to keep on spindly stilts to cope with flooding after the coffee that fuels your cover story. One kid, one time, heart of the American dream under attack. In 40 years, America's heartland could lie parched. Media, becoming popular, you snake in the grass.
  26. 🤖
  27. Simple Machine
    My father had dropped me off with Wild Turkey & advice. Make it easy on yourself. Focus. Be safe. It's true that these party animals are riding the wave. The reckless joy of a lion in winter, bobsledding at 80 miles an hour for four days, in a downpour of sixties rock dreams. John's earliest records at a frenzied pace, never in sleep mode. As we were jamming, I thought, it's not surprising that I got busted at the milkshake stand.
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  29. Price of Warming
    More and more people are making Puerto Rican white rum, where the talent comes from the dangers a vast portion of the world regards as fun. You'd be surprised how many companies stop doing things. 132 years with the New York yacht club, somehow, amazingly, the years had spilled whiskey as smooth as silk. A classic drink because it's smoother than vodka or gin. It's expensive because it's the best.
  30. .
    Are you in the DJ booth right now? Skinny rock star with the weird girlfriend, a would be reality tv star, take their grey goose elsewhere so the wildlife want to steal them away. And, before you could say this is the stuff of Adam and Eve, then came the rum. The new American classic.
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  32. Surfer
    Broke, my father asked what I'd done with all the money he gave me. I confessed, winter storms, days of peace, turtles everywhere and I'd sleep the next day. In a brief sun struck forest canopy of northern Cambodia, beneath us the rage of the ocean in a storm, he was on, perched, back to the wind and letting it push him. Much artful flair, make a splash when the last frame is finished, along a tumbling stream called Mangatipua.
  33. .
    It brings insight and understanding and pounds along. Because, it can take its aggressive cross-cross, like being in the most incredible water out of your way. To be handled just so, too short a drop and the installment runs considerably shorter than the first. Cut across rock strewn gorges, you work just as hard to pick up the downslope. From red crater, kick through sand that used to hold you, searching for home.
  34. 🙉
  35. Antiheroes
    Gamblers gather for a cockfight. Playing in them crooked corporate culture. The book of Eli. Saint John of the retirement money. The genocide in darfur continues. Royal processions included elephants and horses decorated with shrapnel. Touchy feely, vaguely christian, the American that fits in the corner of your home. A scheme to crush opposition by unleashing vicious armed militias. They are extensively trained, the advantages are enduring. Other world leaders haven't stopped the horror.
  36. .
    Dashing persona for evil, like a living sphinx, life underwriters in the business. Defense council is working to protect the most important places, what no invading army could, double-barreled action, whichever way you look at it, from sea to shining sea.
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  38. Recollections and recipes
    Flashback. American beauties. Hardworking farm boy. I love you. In the dark of the night of September 26, 1983, he's a little tipsy, they end up in R-rated cruises. Fingers through his hair, one last time, after vigorous activity to impress her. First there was light, Saturns golden rings, a new collaboration, cosmic. I loved shooting and her fucking face went white.