Hat Which Brings ME Great Joy.

The Angels bring me a tremendous amount of joy. These are some of their hat designs.
  1. Worn in 1971.
    My all-time favorite Angels hat design. The lower case a with the halo just looks so cool to me.
  2. Stars and Stripes inside the big A logo is my second favorite.
    Offered in red and blue as well.
  3. Worn 1993-96.
    This hat was worn with my favorite Angels uniform design. Specifically the 1995 uniforms.
  4. I used to have an all white hat, with just a red outline of the state of California and the halo, but it was impossible to keep clean.
    I still love the design though.
  5. Big A over the baseball.
    Of all the hats listed, this is the only design that I've never owned.
  6. Worn 2002-present.
    All red everything. The team won the World Series the same year they switched to these hats.
  7. In honor of @ElDudetterino alma mater. 👌🏻zot!
    They also offer these for CSUF and CSULB.
  8. Mike Trout!
    Already the greatest Angel of all-time.
  9. Trout head.
    See previous👆🏻
  10. Worn 1997-2001.
    When Disney bought the team. My least favorite hat, uniform and color scheme.
  11. Worn 1961-64.
    We try not to acknowledge any usage of LA in the logo design, since the name change to Los Angeles. This hat was originally worn when they actually played in Los Angeles. Currently, this hat is dead to me.
  12. Bonus: Current favorite hat in my collection.
    Argyle with the lowercase a and halo. 🙌🏻