Inspired by @Nicholas and @sabrinakristine and every other person on this app since Monday.
  1. Sandwich
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    Bread = negotiable. Light spreading of mayo. Hand pulled/shredded turkey, not the processed or deli sliced meat, straight from the turkey thanksgiving style, piled as high as I can get it before it's falling out of the sandwich. Cranberry sauce. Stuffing. A generous slice of pumpkin pie (yes pie in the sandwich). Top with second piece of bread, smush to fit mouth, garnish. Serve with alcohol and football. Enjoy.
  2. Mixed drink
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    Bloody Mary - I want the works with my bloody, if it doesn't look like a food-fight in a glass then you're doing it wrong. Celery, of course. Olives, duh. Asparagus, bring it on. Bacon, now we're talking. Garnished with an entire cheeseburger... I like where your heads at right now! Premium vodka unless it's the all you can drink bloody with brunch, then I'll take the well vodka.
  3. Breakfast
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    French toast. If you do a fancy French toast with orange marmalade and cream filling, a fancy maple syrup reduction infused with blueberry, topped with powdered sugar, I'm so in! And I'll probably have several bloody Mary's and unbutton my jeans for a while until I can digest all that deliciousness.
  4. Pizza
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    Neopolitan-style crust, hand-made, cooked until crispy with blistering leopard spots. Topped with honey roasted eggplant, herb goat cheese, pistachio pesto, balsamic onion, pine nuts.
  5. Slurpee
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    Blue raspberry on the bottom, wild cherry on top. Drink the blue raspberry then use the little spoon at the end of the straw to scoop out tiny servings of the wild cherry.
  6. Nap
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    Saturday afternoon, in the summer, at the beach while laying out after surfing... or drinking.
  7. Evening
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    At home with my two favorite women, my wife and mary jane. Baseball on tv, music on the stereo, working on a creative project together - I.e. our ransom note poetry book that we haven't touched since she started grad school. Our creative energy organically builds into sexual desire and I brush everything off our craft table in one sweeping motion, like the movies have taught me to do, and we make sweet, dirty, passionate, tantric love until morning when I realize I'm 15min late for a meeting.
  8. Vacation
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    Road trip with another like-minded couple (allows for private time, guy time, girl time, group time, etc). Camping, hiking, climbing, clothing optional hot springs or beaches, singing, dancing, guitars, tambourines, psychedelics, popcorn reading in funny accents, smores, banana boats, ghost stories, geocaches... Not a lot of lounge-type relaxing. Up early with the sun, pack lunch, go on a full day hike, hopefully something to climb, return for dinner and mischief in the evening. Rinse, repeat.