Double dog dared by @karlalucia LI.ST Magazine
  1. There are trend-setters and there are trend-getters.
    A trend setter is someone that sparks the idea. A trend getter is someone who brings that idea to popularity.
  2. Long before Beyoncé released her pregnancy flower pictorial...
    ...I was approached by a photographer and asked to do a modeling shoot.
  3. The photographer suggested we set up in a barren canyon, but I requested a field of flowers.
    Because, as everybody knows, the best way to attract a bee is flowers and if you're going to get the queen bee, you're going to need a lot of flowers.
  4. So, there I was, running through all my go-to poses; blue steal, vogue, shirt off, etc
    And these fangirls start to gather around and cat call and whistle and flash us and throw paper airplanes with their phone numbers into our shots.
  5. One brave fangirl even photobombed a few of the pictures, so we decided to use her for some couples poses.
    That's when I found out that sometimes when you're trying to catch a queen bee, you land a honeybee and it's so much sweeter.
  6. 🌼🐝
  7. My flower pictorial went viral.
    It was featured on several websites and published in reputable magazines like Flower Aficionados Quarterly and O.P.P weekly (outside pollen pictorials).
  8. 🌼🍯🌼
  9. So, as we prepare for a year filled with flower themed birthing announcements clogging your Instagram and Pinterest timelines, and the media fawns over Beyoncé and how she started yet another trend.
  10. Just remember that I was drinking lemonade before Becky had good hair and I was posing in front of flowers before Red and White Ivy were conceived. Because I am Beyoncé, always.