Inspired by @LizDawson
  1. I believe marijuana should be legal for recreational use and sold like alcohol.
    Put an age limit on it, eliminate shady doctors and licensing, tax it and regulate it like alcohol (no driving under the influence, etc).
  2. I believe prostitution should be legal.
    I understand this is dangerous when you start to discuss the realities of sex trafficking, kidnapping and abuse. I believe legalization and proper oversight can reduce sex trafficking by taking the pimps and street level criminals out of the process. I've believe by taxing and regulating it, we can provide psychiatric and medical care for all involved, reducing a number of the risks and stigma attached.
  3. I believe healthcare should be free for all tax paying citizens; including medical, dental, vision and psychiatric care.
    I believe that insurance companies and medical supply companies grossly inflate costs and by simply having better regulation/oversight we can reduce healthcare costs to much more manageable levels.
  4. I believe policeman, firefighters, doctors, paramedics and teachers should be paid more than athletes/actors.
    I believe I don't have a good answer for how to accomplish this. But, I believe this would give us the best of the best in many of the most important jobs in society.
  5. I believe instead of creating large amounts of debt for college students, we should be paying them to attend classes. I believe we should literally be investing in our future.
    I believe a more educated work force is a benefit for everyone. I believe a trust fund that is set up during enrollment in the school and released upon graduation is the best way to accomplish this. I believe students should be paid minimum wage multiplied by the number of hours spent in class for graduating college. I believe college athletes should get paid for practice/game time as well.
  6. I believe "literally" is misused literally more often than it is correctly used.
    I can't believe the dictionary was amended to include a not literal definition for literally.
  7. I believe women should receive equal pay for equal work.
    I believe it doesn't matter who is doing the job, as long as the job gets done they should be paid fairly. I can't believe in 2016 this is still an issue, but sadly it is.
  8. I believe I should be able to stand at the front of a concert even though I'm taller than you, as long as I get there first and don't bully my way to the front.
    I don't believe the same rules should apply for people sitting on shoulders.
  9. I believe the Women's College World Series is the best sporting event to watch on television.
    I believe women's World Cup and Olympic soccer is a close second.
  10. I believe Willy Wonka was a psychopathic mass murderer.
  11. I believe Led Zeppelins song 'What is and what should never be' is a song about statutory rape.
  12. I believe that Doggystyle was such an incredible album that even though Snoop hasn't done anything remotely good since 1992 nobody will call him on it.
    I belizzle that shizzle with all of my hizzle and nobizzle can tizzle me otherwizzle.
  13. I believe if Maya Angelou could play guitar and sing she would've been the greatest performer of her generation.
    I believe if Bob Dylan never picked up a guitar he would've been the greatest poet of his generation.
  14. I believe with enough practice, patience, belief and luck that perfection is attainable, even if only for a short period of time.
    I believe this to be true for every aspect of life.
  15. I believe that even if there isn't a right or wrong way to do something, there is an optimal way to do it.
    I believe @ElDudetterino finds this to be my most annoying personality trait.
  16. I believe we can end homelessness in one generation if it was truly a priority for the majority of this country.
  17. I believe every religion has its merits and should be respected.
    I believe anyone that thinks their religion/god(s) want them to harm others is misinterpreting what is expected of them.
  18. I believe all firearms should be banned for the general public (I.e. Any non law enforcement or military personnel).
    I believe that will be the most controversial bullet point on this
  19. I believe we should spend more time, money, energy and resources ending wars rather than starting/maintaining them.
    I believe our defense budget is grossly disproportionate to what we should really be spending that money on.
  20. I believe my soap box will get kicked out from under me very shortly.
    I can't believe you're still reading.
  21. I believe in love at first sight.
    I didn't until I met my wife.
  22. I don't believe love at first sight has anything to do with looks, and has everything to do with spirit and energy.
    I believe it should be called love at first magnetism but that doesn't sound as romantic.
  23. I believe the three best movies ever made are: The Hustler, Casablanca and Rocky.
    In that order.
  24. I believe the healthier the food is, the cheaper it should be.
    I believe the fact that we operate opposite of that structure shows a complete failure to recognize what is important in our society.
  25. I believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.
    I also believe the CIA was aware of his actions.
  26. I believe almost everything is ruined by monetizing it.
    I believe more people should work to live, not live to work.
  27. I believe a hot day is better than a cold day.
    I believe the beach is better than the mountains.
  28. I believe Trump has a legitimate chance to win this election.
    I believe I've never been more scared for what the future holds.
  29. I believe soda and energy drinks should have an age requirement like alcohol.
    I believe kids should drink water or juice(or milk, dairy or otherwise). I believe my wife will have something to say about how much sugar is in most juices and also something to say about how much juice I consume on a daily basis.
  30. I believe the majority of people underestimate their physical attractiveness.
    I believe the majority of people attach too much value to physical attraction anyway. I believe this happens not just in dating, but every walk of life.
  31. I believe people should be able to and encouraged to marry/love whomever they want.
    I don't believe this will lead to humans marrying animals, or whatever other asinine comments have been made on this subject.
  32. I believe humans have a digestive system that's more similar to an herbivore than a carnivore.
    I believe a grilled steak with a nice dry rub and some A1 is still delicious.
  33. I believe scientist should figure out how to make drinking a six pack of beer give you six pack abs.
  34. I believe too many people are internet activists.
    I believe if most people put the same energy into real life activism as they did into typing on a keyboard that we could force actual changes.
  35. I believe not enough people understand empathy.
    I believe too many people ignore hypocrisy.
  36. I believe everyone is capable of kindness and greatness.
    I believe too many people fail to make an effort toward achieving either one.
  37. I believe the blueberry, vanilla & cashew Kind bar is the most delicious flavor they offer.
  38. I believe Starbucks is a waste of time and money.
    I believe I don't drink coffee so I'm not qualified to make that statement.
  39. I believe nobody laughs at my wife's jokes more than she does.
    I believe she thinks she's the funniest person she knows.
  40. I believe you should eat part of your fortune cookie before reading your fortune.
  41. I believe anything is real in-so-much as you believe in it.
  42. I believe we should stop changing our clocks for daylight savings time.
  43. I believe if a college coach leaves the school, for whatever reason, the players should be given the same option without having to sit out a year.
  44. I believe Ingrid Bergman has the greatest disparity between ugly sounding name and actual physical beauty.
  45. I believe too many people make excuses.
    I believe not enough people take ownership.
  46. I believe going to the movies is a terrible first date.
    Unless it's Netflix and chill. 😏
  47. I believe you can never have too much pizza or sex.
  48. I believe in so much more.
    I believe I'm tired of li.sting things I believe in and you're probably tired of reading them.
  49. I'm the dude and I believe in you! ✌🏻️