Inspired by a true story.
  1. I lied to you. 😕
  2. I'm sorry bro.
  3. I was the one that was supposed to be there for you, since dad wasn't around.
  4. We promised to always tell each other the truth, even when it was hard, or scary, or hurtful, or whatever.
  5. I was young too!
  6. Everybody was telling me I had to do it.
  7. That is was better for you this way.
  8. So I lied to you, like everyone else, and I'm sorry.
  9. But, now, I think you are ready to know the truth.
    It's ok to be upset. I was, when I found out.
  10. Santa Claus isn't real.
    And everyone you trust has been lying to you for nine and a half years.