Inspired by @ListPrompts and my dreams!
  1. Stana Katic?
    I'm just jumping right into the fantasy, no explanation. Much like what happened to me when a naked woman randomly appeared in my bed.
  2. "Who's that?" She says.
    "You! You're Stana Katic and you're naked in my bed!" I say, as I look around for my wife who is nowhere to be found.
  3. "My name is Katherine Beckett, I'm a detective with the NYPD." She says matter-of-factly.
    "Ohhhh, this must be a dream" I say out loud, instead of just thinking it like I originally intended.
  4. "Richard, what are you talking about?"
    "Richard?" I say, confused. "That's not my name."
  5. "What's going on here? You called me Stana something, which isn't my name. You say you're not Richard. Is this another piece of the lame plot point from Season 7 where you lose your memory?"
    "That was lame, how could he not remember ANYTHING from his disappearance?" I think to myself. Then, I look in the mirror...
  6. That's not me!
  7. "It's not you" she says, "it's not even your fantasy. It's mine!"
  8. "I've been following you on Listapp and you're so funny, it's got me crushing hard," she explains.
    😍 (I'm speechless)
  9. "Are you going to say anything?" She says in response to my silence.
    Then I faint. 😲😴
  10. "Hunny, wake up," my wife says, "you're snoring."
  11. "What?" She asks, "what's wrong?!"
    "It WAS a dream!"
  12. "What was a dream dear?"
    "Stana Katic, I mean, Kate Beckett was here." I'm trying to remember the details but it all seems like a blur, "we were naked and I was her fantasy but it wasn't really me..."
  13. "That wasn't a dream sweetie," she says.
    "What?" I must've hit my head or something, this is crazy, none of it makes any sense. "How can that be? You're you and I'm me(I look in the mirror to confirm that I'm actually me this time), and Beckett's not even here..."
  14. "Stana Katic was here," she explains, "my friend who produces shows for ABC put me in touch with her and I explained that she's your celebrity crush and we got to talking and really hit it off. Since it was our anniversary, I was going to surprise you, but she thought it would be more fun to trick you."
    "What?" This is both the coolest thing ever but also super confusing! "But, what about the mirror? I looked like Castle. And, where is she now?"
  15. "The mirror was a projection, similar to how they do the faces on the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland."
    🤔🤔🤔🤔......😮 "really?"
  16. "Yeah."
    "Ok, but that still doesn't explain how Stana Katic can just disappear. I mean, where is she?"
  17. "Oh, hunny, you were passed out for like 3 hours. We tried to wake you but you were out cold."
    "So she just left?"
  18. "Oh no, she stayed. We had our own fun, and then she left like 15 minutes ago."
    "No. Fucking. Way!?!?!"
  19. "Way!" She says with a giggle. "Now I've gotta run, I'm late to see my client." She runs out the front door, just before it closes, she peaks her head back in and says "we recorded everything, it's in the DVD player in the bedroom, love you."