I'd like to take this opportunity to distinguish between desert island and deserted island. If I'm on a desert island, I feel like it would be populated with like-minded people that enjoy sun, sand and warm weather activities - in which case I would spend more time working on my tan and "summer" body than watching tv, even if we're trapped there.
  1. One more thought on desert vs. deserted island. It seems culturally we've accepted the use of desert island to imply an uninhabited island but that shouldn't be the case - the adjective is describing the climate, not the population. A desert island should be viewed as a dry, arid, sandy place that may or may not have people living there.
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  2. With a deserted island, the adjective is describing the population of the island, not the climate. So we can be sure that there are very few or no inhabitants but we can't be certain as to whether or not the island climate is polar, tropical or desert without more information. And, there is no one to give us that information since it is deserted.
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  3. Don't even get me started on a dessert island. That would be a true paradise! And now I'll step down from my soap box and get on with the actual list...
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  4. The Simpsons - So much content(27 seasons!) and scores very high on the rewatchability scale. This is a scarecrow pick for me (no-brainer).
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  5. Gilligan's Island - Too obvious for trapped on a desert island? In fairness, I struggled with this choice, it could easily have been Seinfeld or SNL. However, in just 3 seasons Gilligan and the skipper cranked out nearly 100 episodes of valuable & entertaining island survival knowledge. The Ginger v Maryanne debate could make for good island convo.
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  6. The Walking Dead - My only appointment viewing commitment, and by appt viewing I mean streaming at my binge watching convenience. Could have gone a number of different ways here but why torture my imagination by wondering what happens to Rick Grimes & co., when I could just watch with my toes in the sand and a drink in my hand. Look out behind you!
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