With the Super Bowl over, it is now officially baseball season in my house. However, pitchers and catchers don't report to spring camps for another two weeks. So here is a list of who I think is the best fictional baseball character by position, from any movie made in my lifetime. Players listed by batting order.
  1. Willie Mays Hayes - Center field (Major League. http://youtu.be/AwB3baEl0pM
    As long as he keeps the ball on the ground, he's a tremendous leadoff hitter. He's a guy that can steal 100 bases in a year. Hayes is solid in the outfield, although it will be interesting to see Wesley Snipes try to cover both left and center field.
  2. Benny "the jet" Rodriguez - Shortstop (The Sandlot). http://youtu.be/1wkx8NnDfF8
    Steals home the one time we see him in the majors.
  3. Roy Hobbs - Right Field (The Natural) http://youtu.be/H8Ancd0WztU
    He strikes out "the Whammer" on three pitches, when he's just 18 years old. Then he gets shot and doesn't play baseball for 16 years. He comes back as a hitter, at 34, and bats .798 with 11hr his first two weeks in the minors. He literally hit the cover off the ball in his first major league at-bat. Hobbs bats .591 23hr 57rbi in his first thirty games with NY. At the end of the movie he hits a home run so hard it busts a stadium light and looks like fireworks going off as he rounds the bases.
  4. Clu Haywood - First Base (Major League) http://youtu.be/rsftzZS_QHA
    "Led the league in most offensive categories, including nose hair." Haywood dominates Rick Vaughn, the Indians and the rest of the American League all season. He's the triple crown winner on one of the best teams in the league. He plays solid defense at first base and is good at distracting base runners so they get picked off. The only knock on Clu is that he strikes out, with the game on the line, in the 9th inning of the playoff game to see who moves on to the ALCS.
  5. Hank Shaw - Designated Hitter (Major League II). http://youtu.be/jqBFhF4haXM (FF to 4:08)
    He led the White Sox in home runs and rbi, and led them (at least) to the World Series one season and back to the ALCS the next season.
  6. Bobby Rayburn - Left Field (The Fan). http://youtu.be/OJhwzOqqdqU
    3 time MVP! Signed a $40mil contract (in the 90's) to play for the Giants. Bobby Rayburn is so good he drove a guy crazy. Robert Deniro starts killing people because Bobby Rayburn is THAT good. However good at baseball you have to be to make somebody kill other baseball players because you're so good, that's how good Bobby Rayburn is.
  7. Jack Parkman - Catcher (Major League II) http://youtu.be/sdUzATV_jkY
    He hit a couple of clutch home runs in the ALCS. Ran over the opposing catcher to score and then said "don't stand on the tracks when the train is coming through, hayseed." Parkman is a solid defensive catcher with a decent arm and he calls a good game. He can be difficult to deal with in the locker room, but he's also difficult to deal with at the plate.
  8. Ray Mitchell - Third Base (Angels in the Outfield) http://youtu.be/Y0r6YLnPOY4
    He's the only good hitter on the team and the only one that can hit without the help of the Angels.
  9. Tony Micelli - Second Base (Who's the Boss?). http://youtu.be/R_zCh7iGe6Q
    Ok, so it's not a movie, so what! The back story for Tony Danza's character on Who's the Boss was that he was a decent second basemen for the Cardinals. And, in the opening credits of the show he slides head first into home to score in what looks like a beer league softball game. He's got that competitive fire that the rest of the team will rally around.
  10. Steve Nebraska - Starting Pitcher (The Scout) http://youtu.be/X0P_wGmKEEw
    Steve Nebraska threw an 81 pitch, 27 strike out, perfect game in game 1 of the World Series!