It doesn't matter what part of the movie I start watching, I'll keep watching til it's over.
  1. Rocky - here's how to get your wife or girlfriend to watch guy movies; Tell her that Rocky is a love story, she'll laugh. Ask her to name a quote from the movie, she'll say "yo Adrian." Explain that at the moment they announce Rocky loses the fight of the century he's not even listening because he's looking for Adrian. "Yo Adrian, I love you!" 👊🏻
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  2. Superbad - you know how a bands early work is usually your favorite even after their later stuff gets more critical acclaim. That's basically how I feel about this cast. Plus Emma Stone is #3 on my celebrity clause list, so... you know, if a couple people die she's right in there. I'm sure her fingers are crossed... 😬
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  3. Maverick - this movie is everything I want from a movie going experience. I fucking love this movie and you can't make me feel bad about that regardless of what crazy shit Mel Gibson might say or do.
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  4. Troy - this should be on my list of movies I saw, after reading the book, that were better than the book. In fairness to Homer, it took several thousand years and millions of dollars before a movie was finally better than his book. And, I still think the Odyssey is superior as a book than any of the movies they've attempted.
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  5. PCU - do yourself a favor, the next time you smoke weed and can't figure out what to watch, put this on. You can thank me later.
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