Inspired by @nathanveshecco
  1. If I were in a hypothetical vague emergency, running out the house and I could only grab five things, these are the items I would risk my life to save.
    Excluding people and pets of course, because they can always be replaced. 😉
  2. Top Priority: Buddha
    I'm not religious but I am spiritual and interested in all religions. My dad bought this Buddha in Turkey when he was in the Navy, before I was even born. Then he carried it around to every bar he went to and bought it a shot. Eventually he brought it home with him. I used to tell him it was the only thing I wanted him to leave me in his will, but I got proactive and stole it from him when I went off to college. I think he likes living with me more because I let him listen to music.
  3. High Priority: My Best Friend
    I've li.sted about it before; my best friend passed away in March 2014. I got married in July 2014 and ordered a life-sized cardboard cutout of him in a tux so he could still serve as my best man (as I had promised him). I still have it, two years later, because you don't throw away your best friend. He's seen his share of wear and tear, and I could always order another one, but no replacement would have the same sentimental value.
  4. That's it. Those are the only two items I'd run back into a burning building or fight off zombies or otherwise risk my life to save.
    Everything else can be replaced. But... since the title says five items and I'm a stickler for the rules, here are three more things I'd like to save.
  5. Bill Simmons' Book of Basketball
    It's not even my favorite book, why would I save a book that I've read multiple times and could easily be replaced? Because the inscription on the inside means more than the book. It was given to me by my now father-in-law, the first Christmas Sarah and I spent together and it says "something something... Welcome to the family, 2009." He is such a good person and inspires me to be better every day, and I'm grateful that I have him as a role model in my life.
  6. Cedar chest
    In the 80's my dad used to build chests and book shelves and all kinds of things. He even built me a two story clubhouse at one point. It started as something he did with his dad, then it sorta became a competition between them, then life got in the way and he couldn't do it anymore. I still have the cedar chest that he built when I was probably ten years old, I've taken it with me everywhere I've lived. Even when it doesn't match anything else we have, @ElDudetterino lets me keep it.
  7. Ransom Note Poetry Book
    (I think) I invented something called Ransom Note Poetry™. Take several magazines (or books), tear out a few random pages from each, cut out all the words, spread them out and then try to make poetry out of the words that are available. Sarah and I started doing this around the time we moved in together, and I started keeping them in a notebook she bought me. I don't know if I ever intended to finish the book, but it was sure a lot of fun (for me) before we got side-tracked with life.