Inspired and requested by @BWN_7 check out his mantourage here My Mantourage
  1. Dave Chappelle
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    Dave doesn't like to kick it with the group that often, electing to spend more time with his family but we text about music a lot and he comes to most of our Wednesday night softball games. He plays catcher so he doesn't have to run as much. We ride our skateboards together when he's not hanging out at the recording studio with Rick Rubin. He hates it when I tell his jokes but he's always running new material by me.
  2. Bill Murray
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    Constantly sends group texts to the group about what we should call the mantourage and plans themed road trips like Coast Busters for our camping/hiking trip up the California coast, and insists that we wear costumes and use accents/fake names the entire time. Prank calls Chevy Chase from my phone every time he gets drunk. Bill plays first base on our softball team and every game he dresses up as a different Chicago Cubs player and uses their batting stance/mannerisms.
  3. Haralabos Vulgaris
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    Most of us call him 'boss', but Bill Murray calls him "Haraly V" and somehow it always cracks us up. He's a poker player and sports gambler so we usually pre game at his house while watching basketball before going out for the night. He plays second base on our softball team but frequently misses routine grounders while checking his phone for score updates or playing several hands of online poker at once. He never pays for anything when we go out because everyone owes him money.
  4. Rick Rubin
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    Rick gets the best drugs, invites us to yoga retreats and creative writing workshops and frequently begs us to let musicians with very little sports knowledge into our fantasy football league. He plays third base on our softball team and is surprisingly good, but can't hit because he's a pacifist and refuses to strike the ball.
  5. Gronk
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    Usually gets smashed at Boss's house before we even go out for the night, but then drinks us all under the table and swears he can drive home at the end of the night until our Uber finally arrives. Plays centerfield on our softball team and bats cleanup. Convinced Rick Rubin to let him record an album consisting entirely of grunts and animalistic howling sounds. Typically brings at least one female on our road trips even when Bill Murray specifies that it's a guys only vacation.
  6. The Rock
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    The only one that can keep Gronk in line after he's been drinking. He frequently suggests we settle disagreements among the group by arm-wrestling. Dwayne is the most supportive and eager participant for Bill Murrays themed road trips. He plays left field on our softball team and he's terrible but everyone is too scared to tell him even though he's the nicest guy in the group. He sends a group text,every morning at 5am, with motivational quotes and a description of the work out he just finished.
  7. Vince Vaughn
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    Vince will change your iPhone password if you leave it unattended! Wasn't originally a member of the mantourage but he showed up at the softball field one day to see if anyone needed an extra guy; he's now the captain of our team because nobody takes it more seriously. He hasn't missed a game or league meeting in four seasons, regardless of where in the world his film career sends him. He pitches and bats leadoff and brings Jon Favreau to play right field, even though he's not in the mantourage.