The Kentucky Derby is Saturday and while I won't be watching, I will give you all the info you need to bet big and take home a sizable trifecta purse. 🐎💰
  1. The Kentucky Derby used to be one of America's great sporting events, along with a heavyweight championship bout and the World Series. And, in some parts of middle America it still might be.
    Certainly someone could still find a dark, smokey gambling establishment where all eyes and wallets will be heavily focused on the derby come Saturday afternoon, in any corner of the county.
  2. At Churchill Downs, where the derby takes place, you will find all measure of society. The fat cats, the whiskey gentry, the stepford wives with the floppy hats and Virginia slims tucked neatly between their lips.
    The trainers, the owners, the out of state business men, the athletes, the actors, the A listers, the Texans(not the football team), the swingers, the gamblers, the pikers, the prodders, the two timers, the no timers, the felons... Everybody from all walks of life descend upon Louisville this time of year, for the derby or for the people watching at the derby, and some come only for the post derby orgy in the stables of the winning horse, as per tradition.
  3. The spectacle, the people, the pageantry and certainly the race are all unique to this bizarre gathering in Kentucky.
    Hopefully, my trifecta picks are just as unique. So you can laugh at all the losers as you sip your old fashioned, step over the crying, the fallen down in misery, and the recently divorced insurance salesmen whose cocaine wore off long ago, all the way to the bank! 🐎💰
  4. SHOW - Exaggerator
    Hard to tell how good he is, but he could be very good. This race will go a long way towards determining that. After getting out to a quick lead only to fall back to third after a photo finish, he won't need to exaggerate his talents anymore.
  5. PLACE - Gun Runner
    His only loss came in sloppy conditions and he has a hall of fame trainer. It'll take an amazing horse to keep Gun Runner from the winners circle, but he'll have to settle for second after edging out Exaggerator by a nose in the photo finish.
  6. WIN - Nyquist
    Undefeated and starting from gate 13, what more do you need to know? Ok, here's more, Nyquist has won every type of way you'd want, from an early lead, from behind and from a measured stalking position. Nyquist won in slop at Santa Anita and has won on clean tracks as well. Take the favorite and take the pay day.
  7. This list was inspired by one of my favorite authors and the story that made him famous. I encourage you to read it.
  8. ✨UPDATE✨
    That's how close I came to hitting the trifecta!