The synopsis for shows in the "recently added" section of my Netflix that could describe my wife and I.
  1. It's awkward. It's impossible. It's infuriating. And it may just be the best thing that's ever happened to them.
  2. Their only daughter just returned from Thailand with a strange souvenir. He's high, he's naked and he's her husband.
  3. The open road will either cure what ails you or bring out your demons. For two rebels, it's an unforgettable trip.
  4. He's an introvert. His roommate's a nudist. He meets his dream girl and life is perfect. Perfectly awkward.
  5. Her body was designed for the pleasure of others. But her human companions didn't count on her having a mind of her own!
  6. His life's been an adventure, but he can't remember any of it. Step into the bizarre home of a lovable eccentric.
  7. Her life in a small town was a dead end. Until an alluring stranger blew through with trouble in her wake.
  8. He shares everything that's in his head. No offense if you're undateable or come from Mississippi.
  9. She was only out to have a little fun, but before the night was over, she was putting her life on the line.
  10. He cares deeply about his friends, his neighbors, and his town. It's just that he cares more about himself.
  11. She's got the moves to make it big, but it means leaving her crew behind. This young dancer's got a major dilemma.
  12. Naked old men. Naughty nurse fantasies. Racially charged small talk with Dad. Stop him when it gets awkward.
  13. When your job is stressful and your personal life is crumbling, you have to find a way to cope. Any way. Even yoga and wine!
    Ok, I added the yoga and wine part.
  14. He's a kamikaze gambler. A one-arm cuddler. And if his fly is down, so be it. A night of sly riffs and slow burns.
  15. They had a storybook marriage until their empire was threatened by betrayals. Nothing a little foul play can't fix.
    Starring B-Coop and J-Law, why haven't we watched this? @ElDudetterino