Anyone who follows me has probably figured out that I'm usually a positive minded person. I don't have very many pet peeves but lately these two have been driving me FUCKING CRAZY!!!!!
  1. We recently remodeled our office and in doing so added an exam lane while removing the restroom.
    Now, I have to go to the restroom in the main building. The one that everyone uses. I wouldn't mind as much if people weren't so disgusting, rude and or just plain dumb.
  2. Occupied!
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    There is a very clear sign that states whether or not someone is using the restroom. It's on the door, right by the handle. Ok, it's not eye level so maybe not everyone would notice it, but I would expect at least SOME people to notice it. I'm the tallest person in the building and I've never missed it, so there's really no excuse. Yet every single time I'm in there, somebody tries to open the door! I lock it and I'm not shy so it's not that I'm worried about someone walking in on me.
  3. Occupied (continued)
    It's simply that I would like a little peace while handling my business. There's two types of offenders: those that try it once because they're too stupid to read/see the occupied sign; and those that continually try it over and over either because they are rude assholes that are trying to rush you so they don't have to go up the elevator to the second floor bathroom or because they are too stupid to realize that the door is locked and not just stuck or broken. Either way, fuck off! 🖕🏻
  4. Urinal vs. Toilet
    This is just for the men, consider it a public service announcement. If you go into a restroom to pee, use the urinal - especially if it's a private restroom. (If it's the kind with a bunch of urinals in a row and you're too embarrassed to pee next to someone, fine, use the stall - I don't care). The ONLY time you should be using the toilet in a private restroom that has both a urinal and a toilet is if you are taking the Browns to the super bowl. 💩 that's it! There is no other rational excuse!
  5. Urinal vs. Toilet (continued)
    There should never be pee on the toilet seat! You don't even have to lift the toilet seat, in fact, only the cleaning crew should lift the toilet seat in the men's restroom. If you're peeing there is a much bigger, easier target called a urinal that's a foot to the left and specifically designed for dicks like you that lack the ability to aim or desire to clean up after themselves. I shouldn't have to clean up after you just so I can handle my business,especially in a "professional" environment.