Names of my hypothetical pho restaurant that I want to open(but never actually will) to compete with my friends pho restaurant. Also, I understand it's pronounced FA but some of these work better as FO. Feel free to add on.
  1. β€’
    Fe, Fi, Pho, Fun
    We serve only giant sized bowls of pho. 🍜
  2. β€’
    Pho sho!
  3. β€’
    Pho-to bomb
    We serve pho in bowls shaped like a bomb, you can take them to go or pop the top and enjoy in our bomb shelter themed diner. πŸ’£
  4. β€’
    24 hour Pho-to
    A drive thru only kiosk that looks like it used to develop film for disposable cameras but is now open 24/7 for your late-night pho cravings. πŸš—
  5. β€’
    Pho Reelz
    We play movies...? Maybe. πŸ“½πŸŽžπŸ–₯
  6. β€’
    So-Pho-King Lazy!
    Just a bunch of really fucking comfortable couches and chairs to lounge in while eating pho. πŸ›‹
  7. β€’
    Pho Q! πŸ–•πŸ»
    Our satirically rude staff will never say a nice word to you. Popular with the pho loving masochist niche market.
  8. β€’
    Phonky Fresh
    Phorm to table? Made to order. Only the freshest ingredients. 🍲
  9. β€’
    Live Noodz! πŸ’‹
    We black out all the windows, charge $10 at the door and advertise in the back of men's magazines. Sure, we'll attract the wrong clientele in the beginning but the cover charge will make up for the lack of interest in our noodle bowls and eventually word will get out that "all we have is noodles!" Then, it will become a trendy place to eat and bring friends or business associates for that initial shock value. πŸ‘―
  10. β€’
    Pho-ever? Pho-ever ever?
    Outkast might bring Ms. Jackson here after apologizing for making her daughter cry.
    Suggested by @chermillionaire
  11. β€’
    Pho the love of the game 🍜⚾️
    Imagine if ESPN vomited noodles all over your favorite restaurant... It's kinda like that.
  12. β€’
    PhΓ΄ Moola Won
    A PhΓ΄ food truck for Formula 1 race events.
    Suggested by @pili_ervin