📞. I called my dad to wish him a happy birthday, this is how the conversation went.
  1. El Daderino: "yell-oh"
    Me: hey pop
  2. Dad: "oh"
    Me: oh?
  3. I thought it was your mother.
    Ok... Well, it's a cellphone, you can see the number.
  4. Whatever. What do you want?
    I was just calling to wish you a happy birthday.
  5. Oh... Ok, well happy birthday, talk to you later.
    Wait! What? It's YOUR birthday. 🎁🎉🍰
  6. I know.
    What are you doing today? 🍺
  7. I'm at work.
    Any plans later? 🍻
  8. Thanks for calling little boy, happy birthday. <click> 📞
    ...thanks? Bye.
  9. Giphy