The first five I got off Twitter, the next five are mine. Please add yours as well. (This is for entertainment purposes only, no disrespect to your beliefs intended)
  1. 1
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  6. Wu Tang Vaticlan
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    I psalm atomically, exodus Leviticus and Deuteronomy can't define how I be dropping these prophecies.
  7. Sir Bless-a-lot
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    Other bishops wanna hit it and quit it. But I'd rather stay and pray, Cuz I'm long and I'm strong and Down to get the confession on!
  8. Tupapalypse now
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    Can you picture my prophecy? Stress in the Vatican city, god is hot for me The proverbs is full of bullets, the confession is droppin There ain't no stoppin me
  9. Pray-Z
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    We doing big pope'ing Forgiving sins We doing big pope'ing First Corinthians
  10. Snoop Papal Pope
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    With so much drama in the VTC, It's kinda hard being snoop P-O-P-E, But I, somehow some way keep coming up With funky exodus like every single day, May I, forgive a little something for the sins and make a few tithe's as I breeze through Two in the morning and the sermons still jumpin cuz my nuns ain't home, I got bishops in the living room getting it on and they'll keep praying til six in the morning, so what you wanna do? I got a pocket full of proverbs and my homeboys do to
  11. From Instagram
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    Suggested by @kate81
  12. From Instagram
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  13. Another from Instagram
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    These are everywhere & hilarious! (IMHO)
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