Or how I learned to stop worrying and become a cat person. 🐈⚾️
  1. On Thursday, May 12th, during a game between the Cardinals and Angels, a cat ran onto the field!
  2. Prior to that game, the Angels offense had been mired in a terrible slump.
    Scoring 2,2,1,1,2 runs in the previous five games.
  3. The score was tied 3-3 when Rally Cat II ran onto the field. And then into the stands. And then through the stands. Until he was finally picked up by a stadium employee.
  4. The Angels would score SEVEN runs after Rally Cat II sprinted across the diamond.
    To put that in perspective, they scored a total of eight runs in the previous five games combined.
  5. The Angels would lose that game.
    Because Rally Cat II apparently only helps the bats and can't help a pitching staff that gave up 12 runs to the Cardinals that night.
  6. However, in the seven games since then, the Angels have scored 7,7,9,3,7,1,8 runs and only lost once(the 1 run game).
  7. You might be wondering why I keep referring this fantastic feline as Rally Cat II...
    Well, almost exactly two years ago, on May 15, 2014, a scruffy black cat with white bow tie shaped chest spot, was spotted in the stadium and featured on the Jumbotron intermixed with the usual Rally Monkey montage during the bottom of the ninth inning.
  8. Formal Feline, or RP as we were calling it, or the more widely accepted Rally Cat, sparked a ninth inning come from behind victory for the Angels and turned around a lackluster start to the season, leading us to a division title.
    In the ninth, with the Angels trailing by four runs, Hank Conger drew a leadoff walk, then Efren Navarro walked. Rally Cat appeared on the Jumbotron again and Colin Cowgill immediately singled to drive in Conger. One more shot of Rally Cat on the Jumbotron and then Mike Trout hit a walk-off 3run home run to win the game! Rally Cats image flashed on the screen as Trout rounded the bases. 🖥🐈⚾️
  9. Rally Cat got his own Twitter account after that.
    Yes, I'm one of the 5 followers.
  10. Now, Rally Cat II has a Twitter account!
    Yes, I'm one of the 2 followers.
  11. Currently the Angels are near the bottom of the standings in the AL West.
    But if anything can turn around our season, it's a frisky feline!
  12. Static
    Rally Time!!!