Not enough creative energy to post a well thought out or entertaining list, so you just get ramblings today. Enjoy...
  1. Good playlist 👍🏻
    I'm listening to an iPod that an ex-gf gave me. She loaded all the songs on it before giving it to me as a bday present 8+ years ago. Luckily my taste in music hasn't changed, there's a lot of classic rock, 90's rap, guitar picking folk music and edm. (Yes, i realize I'm probably the only person that would listen to the who, ice cube, armin Van Buren and Townes Van Zandt in a row and not skip a song).
  2. Do I say my prediction for Coachella or no?
    Because I'm usually right. Ok, I was wrong about Daft Punk in 2013, but otherwise my track record is impeccable. However, I don't want everyone to have the same plan I do, so maybe I'll hold off... Sorry, maybe I'll delete this so its not a total tease. Then again, maybe not, because I'm a tease sometimes.
  3. Storm trooper
    Anyone remember the song Storm trooper by Pepper(I think?). I didn't, until it just came on my iPod. Just thought I'd mention it so all the Star Wars fans can go download it. It's not great, but neither were the last 4 movies, so I figure if you'll pay for that then you'll drop $0.99 on a song.
  4. Does @drugs have a boyfriend(or girlfriend)?
    And is that person on list? Do they have an affinity for Dali? Do they have a sense of humor? If yes to all, then they really should post a list titled: I DON'T DO DRUGS, I AM - WAIT, NO, I TOTALLY DO DRUGS AND SHE'S AMAZING!
  5. I hate working out in my wife's hometown.
    I use her senior year cheer backpack as my gym bag. Their mascot is the Chargers and colors are blue&gold, so when I'm at home(San Diego) I don't feel weird about it; if somebody sees "chargers cheer" they probably think I'm dating or related to a charger girl. But, I don't look old enough to have a daughter in high school, so I feel like when these people see my bag they think I'm dating or related to a high school girl. And, I can always tell which one they're thinking by the look they give me
  6. Need to synchronize listing with some people.
    I know there is a notification setting but I don't use it. What can I say? I'm an early adapter that's set in my ways(how's that for a contradiction?!). Usually, I prefer the democracy of the list home feed, but lately I've been missing some of my favorite listers lists. You wouldn't notice because I just go to your pages to locate, read and like your lists. Maybe I should just use the notifications, why am I fighting it?
  7. Another listapp contradiction
    One of the many things I appreciate about List is all the new people I've been exposed to. Mostly like-minded people, around my age, from all over the planet. It's amazing! But, none of my IRL friends are on list - even though they'd all hate it, I'd like to read their lists & talk about their list crushes or whatever. However, I might enjoy the community more without them. They don't like reading/writing anyway. And, I can get a fresh perspective on things and not worry about being vulnerable.
  8. See something, say something!
    I just worked out with my shorts on inside out for half an hour. How did I not notice until now? Do I go to the locker room and fix them or just keep going? Why didn't anybody tell me? Would I tell someone if I noticed..? Probably not. I think I'd tell someone if their shirt was inside out but I don't feel as comfortable pointing out that their shorts are inside out. Wouldn't it be cool if the next time I was here like 6 people had their clothes on inside out and I started a new trend.
  9. Oh shit! I suck 😔
    I forgot about my Write Turn writing assignment. Sorry group, you'll be getting my 121 words in your inbox at 11:59 pst. Funny thing is, I joined the group thinking it would get me in the habit of not waiting til the last minute to finish stuff... Old habits die hard, I guess. Also, I do my best work with my back against a wall and the sand running out of my hour glass. How many words was that? Can I use that? Hmmmm....
  10. Rhymes Galore!
    Busta Rhymes is the most under-appreciated rapper of All-Time. Nobody mentions him among the all-time greats, but he belongs in the conversation. I'm a sucker for quality, creative lyrics and he's got some amazing bars! "Hot stepping over fools like Ini kamozis, sick lyrics like multiple sclerosis." Huge oversight on my part not including When Disaster Strikes or The Coming on my favorite albums list.
  11. Oh, Hello!
    Wifey bought tix to the theatre tonight. Not a movie, a play, like the actual theatre. The play is called "Oh, Hello!" I asked her why this play, she said "it has the dude from The League" so she thought I'd enjoy it. I said, "I watched that because it's about life and fantasy football, not for the actors." She says, "yeah but you used to be in theatre." I said, "to meet women! Now I'm married, and I have the listapp." She said, "don't make me delete that app." ..What time do I need to be ready?