1. Sarah Silverman
    My ideal combination of looks, sense of humor and intelligence.
  2. Sara (Piper Laurie) in The Hustler
    Tells Eddie he's a winner when he only feels like a loser. Loses the fight with her own demons, Eddie doesn't notice until it's too late. Yeah, that scenario fits into my life.
  3. Sarah Connor
    All 3 have been smart, beautiful badasses. Although I think Linda Hamilton would be the least amused that my wifi is called Skynet, I'd destroy it for all of them to save our future. (Actresses) Emilia Clarke, Linda Hamilton, and Lena Headley, in that order.
  4. Sara Wayland
    Gone in Sixty Seconds... more like 💦in sixty seconds! Amirite?
  5. Sara Bareillies
    Couldn't name one song but I'm sure they're amazing. 😍
  6. Sarah Shahi
    Former Cowboys cheerleader, Texas certainly isn't as hot anymore now that she's in L.A. pursuing her acting career.