Inspired by @BWN_7 you can find his comprehensive list/ranking of all 64 girlfriends here: All of Seinfeld's Girlfriends, Ranked. My list will focus on the top 10 I would want to date and I how I think it would work out.
  1. Qualifiers:
    I watched Seinfeld regularly, and I've even started rewatching it on Netflix, but I don't feel as familiar with the characters/episodes as @jaidub or @BWN_7 seem to be. Because of that, this list mirrors real life dating, in that they are initially ranked on physical attraction and then those rankings are adjusted as I get to know more about them(research on wikisein and IMDb).
  2. Honorable Mention:
    Beth, Jenna, Shelly. I didn't research any of them, they're just hot and came close to making the top 10. I couldn't find a good enough reason to kick any of the current top 10 out of the rankings, so these girls never really got a fair chance.
  3. Marlene
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    She's hot, she has a "psycho-sexual" hold on Jerry that intrigues me, and she breaks up with Jerry because she doesn't respect what he does for a living(even though she's a cashier). I do eye surgery for a living. I literally give people sight on a daily basis, if she can respect that I think we can work things out. She has a tendency to drag conversations on and on, well pass their expiration date. I'm a talker too, so it might work out but I'll probably dump her after 3months for shushing me.
  4. Laura
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    I briefly "dated" a deaf girl that lived in my apartment complex before I met my wife. We would text all the time before texting was fashionable. It was an interesting relationship, we only went "out" once, otherwise just chilled at one of our apartments. I'm a talker and music is a big part of my life but I could make it work with Laura if I was really interested. She's a tennis line judge, and I love all sports, so that immediately boosts her ranking. We date for 9 months and part amicably.
  5. Sophie
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    She's attractive, seems like a good person with a good personality but starts using "it's me" when calling Jerry a little too quickly. I happen to be excellent at both voice recognition and faking it until I realize who "it's me" actually is, so this would not be a problem in our relationship. Neither would the gonorrhea/tractor story, what happened before we met rarely scares me off. We date for 5months until she breaks it off because I keep pranking her after finding out how gullible she is.
  6. Hallie
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    Hallie is Susan's friend, which does hurt her case, but I think I could talk George into going through with the marriage just so I could keep her around. Samantha Smith is a knockout, but I don't know much about her character. She doesn't seem to have many glaring flaws and some of my best dates were with friends of my friends significant other. I think Hallie and I last long enough that we consider each other as our plus-1 to the wedding but we break up before the wedding over something dumb.
  7. Meryl
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    😍Before there was such a thing as Team Anniston, I was Team Cox(it's much easier to admit in writing, rather than saying that out loud). Jerry calls Meryl his wife to help her get a dry cleaning discount but they break up when Jerry tries to get someone else the same discount. I've never cheated on a dry cleaning discount arrangement and I don't see myself starting now, so I think Meryl and I have a long, fruitful relationship before she ultimately breaks my heart for an auto-mechanic discount.
  8. Sidra
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    Teri Hatcher is like an 87 on a scale of 1-10, easily the most attractive girl on this list. They are real and they ARE spectacular! I'm not one to complain whether they are real or not, I mean, Barry Bonds is my favorite athlete so there's that. I think Sidra and I would have a magical relationship until she ultimately got bored because I never got out of the puppy love phase and refused to challenge her, causing her to leave me for the smooth, fast talking attorney Jackie Chiles.
  9. Jeannie
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    Janeane Garafalo is to my crush list as Steal This Movie is to my favorite movies list; in that, I always forget to include it until I watch it and then I'm like this totally belongs near the top of my list! I don't remember this character and can't find enough info in research to accurately say whether or not we'd have any longterm possibilities. But, she's funny, Jerry almost married her and I'm in love with Janeane Garafalo so she lands in the top5.
  10. Nina
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    Catherine Keener is a total babe! Nina is artsy, and I'm always drawn to the creative right-brain type. However, she's possessive and jealous, which wouldn't work with my personality. I don't mind the plagiarism on the letter, desperate times call for desperate measures. I think our fire would burn incredibly bright but also extinguish rather quickly. I don't have an Elaine type friend for her to get jealous of and I'm incredibly loyal but I'm also a big flirt and I see that being our downfall.
  11. Linette
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    Amanda Peet is a Spinal Tap babe!(She goes to 11 on a scale of 1-10). The two biggest knocks against Linette seem to be that she wasn't exclusive with Jerry, and perhaps not honest about it, and that she's super busy. I can totally deal with that. My wife is the busiest person I know and we figured out how to make it work. I don't have one ounce of jealous or possessive instincts in me, so I'd be fine dating other people until Linette was ready to settle down. I see wedding bells in our future.
  12. Elaine Benes
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    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍good looking, smart, funny, opinionated, the type of girl that can hang with the guys or get dressed up for a romantic night out. I love Elaine Benes and to a slightly lesser extent JLD. We would date, break up, date, break up and continue that cycle until I met Linette and eventually married her. I would never say anything but I would occasionally wonder what could've been had I married Elaine.