I didn't have many stuffed animals growing up, but the ones I did have, I kept until they came apart completely. Here is the complete list, ranked chronologically which also happens to be the order of my favorites. Thanks for the walk down memory lane @nathanveshecco
  1. Fiffy
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    The first one I can remember is "Fiffy" and I got him before I mastered the "sh" sound. He didn't look like the picture, but it's the closest I could find. He was a blue fish but instead of stripes I think he had multi-colored dots.
  2. Fievel Mousekewitz
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    Fievel and I were inseparable for a number of years. I carried him with me everywhere, even after he started falling apart. First to go was his fluffy blue hat, but that just led to me wearing the hat. Then he lost an eye, followed by an ear, then eventually an arm and a leg. By the time my parents convinced me to let go of him, the poor guy barely had anything left. All of the loyalty I have today, I learned from Fievel; he stuck with me through thick and thin and loss of limbs!
  3. Little Monsters
    Maurice was my homey! The ominous precursor to my rebellious years. Once my parents managed to pry Fievels cold dead hand from my booger covered fingers, he was quickly replaced by Maurice from Little Monsters. In the beginning my wrist was small enough to squeeze through the handcuffs so I'd just walk around with him chained to me and dragging behind me. Then the cuffs broke and I would just drag him around by his colorful hair. Maurice was also the first to feel the wrath of my WWF alter-ego.
  4. Wrestle Buddy
    Every Saturday morning Hulk Hogan would tell me, along with millions of other kids watching, to eat our vegetables, take our vitamins and drink our milk so we could grow up to be big and strong Hulkamaniacs. Then I'd watch Hogan rip his shirt off and nail somebody with his patented leg drop, and then my friends and I would spend the next several hours nearly killing each other with pile-drivers and body slams and flying elbows. Eventually our parents bought us wrestle buddies.
  5. Life size wrestle buddy
    My WWF alter ego "The Macho Kid Dude Dangerous" eventually became too much for even the Wrestle buddy to handle. So my dad built a 6' tall wrestle buddy, using sweatpants sewed to a hoodie from my rival school(not pictured), stuffed it with foam padding and used a stuff nylon for the head. James Guinn was the school sweatshirt he wore, so we nicknamed him James "the sin" Guinn, and I don't think he ever won a match, in fact, he was no match for my flying elbow drop off the top of the couch!