Inspired by @kate81 who was inspired by @Fitz and I'm not sure who he was inspired by, perhaps James Lipton.
  1. Favorite word: Dude
    80's kid from southern California AND the Big Lebowski is my favorite movie - it had to be dude.
  2. Least favorite word: any racial slur
    Of all the hateful things people do, words seem like the easiest one to change.
  3. Turn ons: creativity and intelligence
    And when my wife says something during a baseball game like "gotta throw something away here, see if he'll chase... Right?" Yes dear, and I'll chase as well.
  4. Turn offs: cigarettes
    Kinda hypocritical because I'll spend some quality time with mary jane...
  5. Favorite curse word: bitch
    this one time my wife and I were at Knotts Berry Farm and this 14yr old kid was in front of us on montezuma's revenge and he said "bitch" on repeat the entire ride, no variation, just "bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch..." each with the same enthusiasm as the first one. It's been my favorite curse word every since.
  6. Favorite sound: laughter
    Specifically my wife's laugh when she's laughing at her own joke. Or my dogs bark when he wants me to throw the ball.
  7. Least favorite sound: any alarm
    Smoke alarms, fire alarms, car alarms, etc. Why do they give all alarms that annoying sound? Can we all take a vote to make alarm noises a Beatles song? I'd be much more inclined to walk in a calm single file line out of the building during a fire drill.
  8. Profession I'd like to attempt: Batman
    So many cool toys!
  9. Profession I wouldn't like to attempt: Proctologist
    To the person who can do that on a daily basis I say thank you, because I'm not doing it.
  10. Finally, if heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?
    You made it just in time, Martin is arguing with everyone and the game is about to start. We saved you some nachos. Beer? Just kidding, I knew you wanted one, I'm omniscient.