About the possible reasons for my li.sting drought.
  1. My drafts are full of only marginally amazing li.sts.
  2. I have multiple personalities and the one that writes the li.sts is also the one that takes the medication, so he hasn't been around in a while.
  3. I feel like a rock band that peaked while we were Indie favorites.
    Now we're mainstream and there's too much pressure to produce hits.
  4. Make America Debate Again
    I've been writing speeches and talking points for future President Trump. The best speeches. Honestly. I know speeches, believe me. These speeches are so yuuuuge that I haven't had time for li.sting.
  5. New job.
    I struggle with not being good at something. Even though I'm more than qualified, I'm still learning my new job and putting in long hours to become the best at it. However, once I achieve that, I will resume coasting through life and li.sting at a much more frequent rate.
  6. I'm in training.
    @ElDudetterino and I are hiking/camping in Havasupai, Az in a few weeks and it's a 10 mile hike, with all our gear/food/clothing, just to get to the campsite. We've been going on big hikes every weekend and trying to walk more during the week to prepare. I haven't sat down long enough to finish a li.st, but my drafts are (marginally) amazing.