Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. August 27, 2002
    It was a Tuesday, the Angels beat Tampa Bay and I was at the game.
  2. After the game, we went to "The Spot," where my friend was bartending.
    Drank heavy handed Jack and cokes, played pool, mingled.
  3. I left the bar around 12:30
    Admittedly, I should not have been driving.
  4. At the same time I left the bar, a girl was leaving as well.
    I held the door for her and she said thanks and we awkwardly walked to our cars together. It was especially awkward because we parked right next to each other, but didn't know it, but also didn't feel the need to strike up a conversation with each other because we didn't know we'd be walking together the entire time and have the exact same black Dodge Ram parked next to each other. Except not exactly the same because hers was lifted and mine was stock.
  5. I was on my way to see my girlfriend.
    Another reason why I didn't feel inclined to strike up a conversation with the girl who now seemed to be following me.
  6. I got on the 57freeway at Katella ave
    She got on the freeway at Katella ave
  7. Then she flashed her lights at me!
    Or she had just turned them on and I hadn't noticed that they were off before.
  8. I got on the 22freeway
    She got on the 22freeway!
  9. Then she began driving erratic!
    Speeding up and tailgating me, almost hitting my truck on more than one occasion. She swerved and pulled up next to me and then slammed on her breaks and immediately dipped back in behind me.
  10. Then she flashed her lights at me again.
    This time I was certain of it.
  11. Then she flashed her lights again!
    This time leaving on her high beams for 20-30seconds at a time. Almost blinding my view with the reflection off the rear view mirror.
  12. I exited the freeway now.
    She exited the freeway right behind me.
  13. I was driving down goldenwest ave
    Every time I stopped at a light she would flash her high beams again!
  14. I began to get nervous.
    Why was she following me?!?! Did I know her? Did I inadvertently upset her at the bar somehow?
  15. She flashed her lights again!
    I was almost there, so I called my girlfriend to tell her what was going on. She called the police after we got off the phone.
  16. The woman behind me was honking her horn now, swerving and flashing her brights.
    I turned into the cul de sac where my girlfriend lived.
  17. I could hear the sirens in the distence.
    I sped into the drive way and ran from my car to the front door.
  18. She pulled in right behind me!
    Just as I reached the front door I turned to see her getting out of her truck.
  19. She had a gun!
    I froze.
  20. At this very moment, blue and red lights began to appear.
    And several police cars came screeching around the corner and into the cul de sac.
  21. She raised the gun, aimed and squeezed the trigger just as the first police officer was jumping out of his car.
    He immediately aimed at her and fired off a round from his police issue beretta.
  22. His bullet hit her wrist, causing her to drop the gun, but not before she was able to get off a shot.
    As I was running to my door, another person was getting out of the back seat of my truck and she shot him.
  23. The cops were able to subdue and handcuff her quickly, after the shootings occurred.
    By now, my girlfriend had come outside and we were giving our statements to the police on the scene.
  24. The crazy girl that followed me was receiving medical attention for her gun shot wound in the back of an ambulance and I overheard her explaining her story.
    She claimed that when she was behind me waiting to pull out of the bar parking lot she saw a strange figure lurking in my back seat and it looked like he had a knife! Every time he would raise up, in what looked like an effort to stab me, she would flash her high beams. When that became less effective she began pulling up next to me and honking her horn and trying to get my attention, but that didn't work either.
  25. Then she remembered that she had a gun, that her dad had given her for protection, when she moved to California.
    She didn't know what else to do, so she just kept following me as close as possible and kept flashing her high beams every time the figure in the back seat sat up. She said when we got to the drive way, she was so scared that instinct and adrenaline took over and she shot the guy coming out of my car after me.
  26. Luckily, her shot hit him directly in the butt cheek, not causing much damage other than a significant amount of pain for the victim.
    And it turns out, the strange guy in the back seat of my truck was my roommate. He got too drunk at the bar and decided to take a nap in my truck, thinking he could just catch a ride home with me when I left. Every time he sat up to tell me he was in the car, the crazy girl flashed her high beams and the bright lights made him nauseous so he ducked back down out of the lights reflection in the mirror.
  27. The crazy girl is still in jail to this day, serving 20years for attempted man-slaughter.
    I write her letters from time to time. She writes back but her penmanship is terrible, after the gun shot to her wrist she had to learn to write left handed.