The second story for my two truths, inspired by @LeahG For reference, you can find my 2 Truths and a Lie here: Two Truths and a Lie and the story for my first truth here: Once Upon a Time in Mexico
  1. "What the fuck is wrong with you?" My dad yelled, as he dragged me out of a hotel room by my shirt collar. "Do you know how bad this makes me look?" He continued.
    It was April 1995, I was 13 years old and in 8th grade. My parents had been separated for about two years and in that time I had transformed from golden child to hell raiser. As a result, I had gone from living with my mom (and a failed suicide attempt) to living with my dad (and some things I'm not ready to list about) to living with my mom and her boyfriend and then to living with my grandma (at the time of this story).
  2. I had thrown a party at the Disneyland Hotel, Alpha Dog style - a bunch of underage Orange County teenagers, with little to no parental supervision, that all thought we were "hardcore."
    My uncle, 17 at the time, looked 25 with his facial hair and build, rented the hotel room for us without an issue. My friend, 14 at the time, was living with his grandparents and stealing money from them on a daily basis. They were well off financially and it took them over a year to figure out that he was stealing over $1,000/month. We were all using that money to live like baby scarfaces, buying/selling drugs, jewelry, clothes, pagers, etc. And in this case a hotel room.
  3. It was 12:30am when my dad first knocked on the hotel room door and it wasn't quite 1am by the time he threw me in the front door of my Grandma's house. It was after 2am by the time my tears stopped after the shouting and beating. My uncle had tried to get me to leave with him but I was having too much fun to worry about consequences at that time.
    My curfew was 11pm but if I was with my uncle I was allowed to stay out until midnight. For my 12th and 13th birthdays, I got an annual pass to Disneyland - back when they cost less than $100 and there were only 5 blackout days. We would go to Disneyland EVERY night. Before my friend started embezzling from his grandparents we had a number of other schemes, cons and grifts for getting money(probably needs its own list), that we would use for food or whatever.
  4. We had a "Disney crew" and by this time half of us had annual passes and we would sneak the other half in; either by various stamp transfer methods or just blatantly jumping the gates and sprinting toward Main Street hoping to get lost in the crowd.
    The majority of our crew hung out in Tomorrowland dancing listening to Disney bands, Voyager or Discovery, or smoking weed in Captain EO or making out on the People Mover. Most of the crew was high school kids; I was the youngest, along with my friend the scarface wanna-be and another girl from my neighborhood named Maria. Both of them were at the hotel party and also at school the next day.
  5. The next day at school, the party was all anyone was talking about. I thought it was going to be the beginning of my 15min of fame, it turned out to be one of the worst things that ever happened to me.
    A rumor began circulating that Maria and I hooked up at the party. To this day I don't know how that rumor got started because there is no factual basis to it.
  6. That day I got out of 6th and 7th period because I was on the tennis team and we had a tournament that day. I was the number 1 tennis player in my school district.
    Before you go thinking I was on the fast track to becoming the next Pete Sampras, you should know that most of the kids I was playing against didn't even serve overhand and I was a hyper competitive kid that excelled under the structure of athletics.
  7. I finished winning yet another tennis tournament and went to the school locker room to change and get ready for baseball practice.
    I seriously played every sport I could, even if the seasons overlapped. My junior high didn't have a baseball team, so I ran track, played soccer and tennis. I got kicked off the volleyball team and didn't get picked for the basketball team by the same coach that kicked me off the volleyball team. I also played little league baseball and our practices were on the fields behind my school.
  8. School has been out for a while so I'm in the locker room by myself, and my locker is in the back corner, so I have nowhere to go when 4 guys walk in looking to pick a fight with me.
    Remember the rumor that I hooked up with Maria at the hotel party? 1 of the 4 guys was her boyfriend, a junior gang banger along with the other 3 guys with him(Junior banger because of his age, so he still had to prove himself to the OG's). By proxy I was in his rival gang, not because I affiliated with them but merely because that's the neighborhood I was from. In the early 90's everybody wanted to be NWA or Nirvana and I hung out with the Nirvana crowd but lived in the NWA neighborhood.
  9. He confronted me, mean muggin, talking shit, telling me I need to apologize to him - not just here but in front of the whole school. At this point, I have no idea what is going on, other than he seems mad and I'm clearly out numbered. So I ask what this is all about and he tells me about the rumor.
    My dad was gold gloves champ in the Navy. He grew up idolizing Muhammad Ali and we'd watch every Tyson fight together. He wanted me to be Heavyweight Champion of the World someday. I've been boxing as long as I've been walking. I can defend myself. But at this point in my life I'd never been in a real fight, only sparring with gloves and head gear. I didn't(don't) like fighting, preferring to talk my way out of situations. So I asked him, "did you ask Maria about it?"
  10. He says, "no, why?"
    "Because it's not true," I say and then laugh thinking the problem is solved. (As much as I was street smart, I was completely naive in this situation).
  11. "Fuck that!" He says, "I'm gonna fuck you up anyway."
    I say, "look man, go ask Maria, I didn't even see her, let alone, do whatever it is you think I did." And I turned away from him, toward my locker, to grab my things. I tried talking to him, that didn't work, I'm just going to leave.
  12. With my back turned, he punches me in the kidney.
  13. I turn and punch the closest guy to me, which turned out to be his homey.
  14. Then he pulls out a small knife...
    Swings it at me and stabs me through my cheek on the right side of my face, near my mouth. It made a clean cut all the way through, about the diameter of a quarter.
  15. I put my hands up, instinctually, to cover my face and that gave his boys an opportunity for a few more punches and kicks before they all ran out of the locker room.
  16. I gathered myself, changed for baseball practice, grabbed a t shirt and held it up to my face to stop the bleeding. Then I walked to baseball practice.
  17. I get to practice and I'm late, so as I'm walking up, the coach is yelling at me.
    I get closer and coach runs over to get in my face and scold me about being late. He gets right up in my face and says, "get that rag out of your mouth!"
  18. I pull the shirt away from my face and he sees the quarter size hole in my cheek and all the blood on the shirt. He asked me what happened and I told him I got jumped in the locker room.
    I didn't tell him about the knife, I didn't tell him that I knew the guys or what their names were. I didn't want to be a snitch.
  19. He immediately grabbed my arm, took me across campus to the principals office and told him that I had been attacked on campus.
    I didn't want this. I just wanted it to be over so I could go to baseball practice. Obviously, I couldn't practice with a hole in my cheek and my coach did the right thing.
  20. The principal called my grandma because that's where I lived at the time. She told my dad(who was at work) and sent my uncle to come pick me up at school.
    I told my uncle the truth about what happened. He took me home, then went looking for Maria's boyfriend to get revenge. He didn't find him, fortunately for all of us, because nothing good would have come from it.
  21. After I got home and my grandma saw my face, she called my mom and she arrived approximately two seconds later from thirty minutes away.
    Mothers can move faster than the speed of light if they think their child is in danger.
  22. My mom immediately took me to the hospital. I got stitches and the hospital, with my moms approval, called the police.
    I had to give a statement and tell the police what happened. I told them the same story I told my baseball coach and principal.
  23. The fight, along with the hotel incident the night before and some other stuff led to my mom deciding I didn't have a choice about where I lived anymore and she made me move in with her.
    My school had a zero tolerance policy on fighting, so even though I didn't instigate the fight, I didn't really fight back except to defend myself and it happened after school, I still got expelled and had to finish 8th grade at a continuation school in my new school district.
  24. The police didn't care that I didn't want to be a snitch. They didn't care about my reputation or popularity or anything. This was treated like an assault case, they got all the details and found out who the perpetrators were because one eye witness saw them running out of the locker room.
    They interviewed a bunch of my classmates, teachers, whomever they could get any information from.
  25. Eventually, it came down to my word against his, and he had three other friends willing to testify to his side of the story. All I had was the emergency room doctors testimony that a clean cut like the one I suffered most likely came from a knife and not a normal fist fight.
    But also, my initial story to my coach, principal and police was just that I got jumped and not that I got stabbed. So, after a lot of drama, nothing ever came from it. He got expelled, zero tolerance policy, but didn't get in any legal trouble to my recollection - which is naively what I wanted because I thought it was the right thing to do at the time, to not be a snitch.
  26. Fast forward 10 years, I'm dating the girl that shares a name with a porn star.
    How to Get Fired and Divorced at the Same Time if you're not familiar with that story, you can use this link.
  27. She's throwing a Memorial Day bbq and pool party. She went to high school with all of my friends, so there's a lot of people from the old neighborhood at the party.
    Word starts going around the party that he got invited through friends of friends. Like I said, a lot of people from the old neighborhood are there.
  28. By the time news made it to me that he was coming, most of my friends had already left. My girlfriend was the one who told me he was on his way and suggested I leave so there wouldn't be any drama.
    I was not about to leave my girlfriends party because some guy that beat me up when I was 13 was coming.
  29. When I was 13, I was 5'nothin, a hundred and nothin. At this time, I was 23, 6'4 200lbs, in the best shape of my life.
    Bring it on!
  30. I made sure I was the one that answered the door when he got there. My buddy Steve(from the lion story) was right behind me, as usual, because he lives for these situations.
    I open the door, he's 5'9 170lbs, tweaked out so bad it looks like the breeze could blow him over. I asked if he recognized me, he said no. I told him to go home, he wasn't welcome here. He took another look at me, and although he didn't admit it, I think he knew who I was. He turned around and walked away.
  31. I didn't realize my girlfriends dad was also keeping an eye on the situation as it unfolded. He didn't like me, because I was white, agnostic and a skater/surfer and they were a traditional catholic Mexican family and he wanted her to date someone that was more similar to them.
    But after he saw that I diffused the situation, rather than escalate it, I think he at least respected me. It wouldn't matter, because his daughter would break up with me a few months later. (She was ready to settle down and start a family, I was not).
  32. This was unexpectedly difficult for me to write about. I started and stopped and deleted and rewrote and started and stopped about 100 times. So, if it's not that entertaining to read, I apologize, I just didn't have it in me to put as much effort into the story telling portion as I usually do.
    Aside from the physical trauma, it's emotionally difficult because I can't tell this story without picturing my dads face when I told him I got beat up. It's the most visibly disappointed in me I've ever seen him. He's 5'9, the oldest of his 3 brothers, he had to be a tough guy growing up. He spent my childhood toughening me up, so to speak, and when it was time to show him the fruits of that labor I failed.
  33. I, unfortunately, spent my high school years getting in too many fights, to try to prove to both of us that I was a tough guy. But, it never made me feel any better about myself and usually I felt worse (and usually felt worse because I just beaten up someone for no good reason).
    That's why, when I had the opportunity to come face to face with the guy that stabbed me, I handled it the way I did. I was ready to fight, if he wanted to take it there, but I wasn't going to be the one that started it. That said, I haven't told my dad about that party and I probably never will because he'd only be more disappointed and call me a bitch. I'm at peace with it, and that's all that really matters at this point.
  34. At this stage in my life, I'm more proud of the fights I've walked away from than the fights I've "won."
    You can make fun of me and call me a bitch, or use the six letter F word to describe me like my dad does when he tells this story. It really doesn't bother me, it just makes me that much happier that I live on a different plane of consciousness and can rise above it.