Inspired by @nikkilounoel
  1. I was approximately 8 years old.
    Give or take a year.
  2. It was Easter morning.
    I was looking forward to a good Easter egg hunt and maybe some chocolate.
  3. I slowly open my bedroom door, trying not to make a sound, and tip toe down the hallway.
    Hoping to catch my parents in the act of hiding the eggs, so I could have an advantage on my older cousins.
  4. Much to my dismay, my parents weren't hiding eggs and were acting completely normal and boring.
    My mom was cooking breakfast and my dad was reading a book.
  5. Then, a vision appeared before my youthful eyes!
    A bunny hopped out into the middle of the living room. 🐇
  6. I lost my shit! I totally blew my cover and came running out from my hiding spot where I was spying on my parents.
    "Dad! Dad!! Look!!! A bunny. It's the Easter bunny! He's real!!" I shout, as I'm jumping up and down and pointing. This of course scares the bunny and he runs behind the couch just before my dad looks.
  7. "Where?" He says, "I don't see anything."
    "He was right here, I swear!"
  8. "Dude, come on, you know the Easter bunny isn't real," he reminds me.
    "Dad, he was right there and then right before you looked he ran behind the couch."
  9. At this point my mom comes out of the kitchen, "what is all the commotion about?" She says.
    "Mom, the Easter bunny is real and he's here!"
  10. She looks around, "where? I don't see him," she says.
    😤😤😤😤 I cannot contain all of the frustration built up inside my little eight year old body at this point.
  11. "Alright, he went behind the couch, right?" My dad says.
    "Yeah, right over there," I say pointing at the only couch in the living room.
  12. My dad gets up and goes to move the couch away from the wall and look behind it.
    Predictably, the bunny comes hopping out from behind the opposite corner of where my dad is looking.
  13. My dad, doing a thorough inspection of the back of the couch, completely ignores me as I jump and scream hysterically, pointing and shouting that the bunny is back in plain sight.
    This time, the bunny not only hopped into plain sight but he had grabbed or kicked one of the Easter eggs that was hidden behind the couch and it looked like he was dropping it off for me. LIKE A REAL EASTER BUNNY!!
  14. My mom comes back out of the kitchen, "Dude, you really need to calm down."
    As she's saying this, the bunny hops down into the den and out of sight. Again.
  15. My dad conveniently finishes his far too thorough inspection of the back of the couch and proclaims, "well, there's no Easter bunny back here."
    "Yeah, I know, he's in the den now."
  16. "Ok Dude, I get it, you're excited, it's Easter and you can't wait for your cousins to come over for the egg hunt. But, I'm not going to play this game all morning," he says.
    "I'm not playing, I saw him twice now. He's white, he has pink eyes and he looked right at me," I explain.
  17. "Now I know you're lying," my dad says, trying not to laugh.
    "I'm not lying!" I shout.
  18. "That's not even what the Easter bunny looks like," he explains.
    "It's not?" Now I'm confused. Who or what did I see if it wasn't the Easter bunny?
  19. "No, the Easter bunny is grey."
    "Oh" 🤔
  20. "Yeah, and he's six feet tall!"
    😮 (both my parents are 5'9, and although I'm 6'4 now, I wasn't when I was 8 and the idea of a six foot tall bunny blew my mind.)
  21. "And, his stomach has pastel stripes.."
    "Really?" 😯
  22. "Yeah, and he has a single horn that sticks out of his head between his ears, like a unico-"
    Just then my mom pokes her head out of the kitchen, "no, the Easter bunny does not have a horn!"
  23. "Oh right, he doesn't have a horn, but he does have fangs and claws. That's how Easter egg hunts began because parents would send their youngest child to steal eggs from the evil Easter bunny to help feed their family-"
    "MICHAEL!!" My mom yells from the kitchen.
  24. "Okay, that last part is not true," he says loudly before winking and whispering, "yes it is," and then he makes a clawing motion with his hand.
    Just then the bunny comes hopping into the open in the den. I point, "dad, look, there's the bunny!"
  25. "Where?!" He pretends not to see it.
    "Right there!" 👉🏻🐇
  26. "Aaaahhhhhhh!!!" My dad runs down the hallway into their bedroom and slams the door. He yells from the bedroom, "watch out for the claws!!"
    I slowly start to walk toward the bunny, stopping anytime it looks like he might hop away. Eventually, I get close enough to grab him and pick him up. I carry him into the kitchen to show my mom.
  27. She pretends to be surprised, "oh look at that, the Easter bunny, where did you get him?"
    I say, "mom it's not THE Easter bunny, he doesn't have claws or pastel stripes." 🙄
  28. Then, my dad "found" a rabbit cage in the backyard and that's where Rabunzel lived... until the opossum incident.