Things That Are Hazardous to My Health but I Do Anyway ☢☣

Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Disagree with my wife
    I would've thought after 7 years she'd realize that I'm always right... (Turns out, she's been waiting for me to realize she's always right).
  2. Free climb
    It's called "bouldering" but even those people use a crash pad. I basically just climb, no ropes, no harness, no landing pad. Just me and the tallest rock/tree/mountain I can find. My wife hates this about me... until I get to the top, then she's usually mad but impressed. Then by the time I get down the 'impressed' has usually worn off and she's ready to lecture me about trying not to die for the next 50+ years.
  3. Coachella
    Every year we go and it takes about 5-7 years off of my life. We camp, we don't sleep, we party all weekend, we eat shit food and I don't wear sunscreen.
  4. Leg day
  5. Still climbing...
    The picture really doesn't do it justice. Just know that I didn't think I could get down and I had to promise my wife I wouldn't die.