The 5 sports fans that follow me are going to make this list trend based on the arguments in the comments alone. The rest of you probably wish I added pictures so you'd know if you recognize any of these people. Either way, I had fun with the request, thanks @TheSteve
  1. Honorable Mention: Ron Burgundy
    He was on Sports Center when they were promoting Anchorman 2, and everything ESPN did with him was funny. Who would've thought in 1979 when ESPN first aired that eventually they would have a movie character (not even just the actor) host their flagship show, to help promote his movie - not to help boost ratings for a "niche" sports programming cable channel.
  2. #5 - Charley Steiner
    Charley barely cracks the top5, but he is number one all-time if we're ranking the ESPN commercials. The Melrose Place one, the Y2K "follow me to freedom," the Linda Cohn one, the Evander Holyfield one, I could go on. But, his best moment was not being able to control his laughter through an entire sports center, after he watched the highlight (lowlight?) of Carl Lewis singing the national anthem. Then, still laughing, he finally says that version must've been written by "Francis Scott Off-key!"
  3. #4 - Chris Berman
    Boomer is the face of ESPN and the person who made it so much fun. His endless array of nicknames and the puns he uses will never get old to me. However, Father Time is undefeated and I think he's caught up to the Swami, I like Berman on MNF coverage but that's about it nowadays. My personal favorite: Edgar "buy a truck or" Renteria.
  4. #3 - Erin Andrews
    Most people, at least among my friends, seem to think she was advancing within the network just because she's pretty but I always felt like she knew her shit and was a good reporter. She's hot, there's no denying that, but that doesn't preclude her from being good at her job, or the politics involved behind the scenes. I also feel as if she took the torch from Linda Cohn and helped blaze the trail for women in sports broadcasting. So she belongs on the list, even if she wasn't on sports center.
  5. #2 - Dan Patrick
    Tied with his long-time co-host, Keith Olbermann, because I can't separate these two. They're the best duo to host Sports Center, or "the big show," as they called it. Dan Patrick has some of the most iconic catch-phrases in show history; "En Fuego", "nothing but the bottom of the net," "annnnnd the whiiiifffff," just shouting "good!(or gone!)," and "you can't stop him, you can only hope to contain him." If you're a sports fan, you've said every single one of these and you can thank Dan Patrick.
  6. #2 - Keith Olbermann
    Tied with Dan Patrick but listed slightly ahead of him because he was my favorite of the duo. He left ESPN and ended up at MSNBC at a time in my life that was helpful in expanding my interests beyond just sports. Some of his best catches phrases include: "he pulled a groin, his own we hope", "they're not.gonna.get.him", "he puts the biscuit in the basket!", "from way downtown, bang!", "it's deep and I don't think it's playable", "he beats him like a rented goalie"' and of course "bye felicia!"
  7. #1 - Stuart Scott
    Stu Scott is the most important ESPN personality of all-time. He made sports center cool. Just think about "booyah!" That became common slang(in the 90's) among everyone, not just sports fans, but it started because some guy made it up on a late night sports highlight show. "As cool as the other side of the pillow," "just call him butter cuz he's on a roll," and "see,what had happened was" all became part of my everyday vernacular because of Stuart Scott. "It's your world kid, we're paying rent"