To date, to please, to understand, to ______. (Alt. title: #prayforsarah 🙏🏻)
  1. I'm always right.
    It's usually not my fault, I'm just so used to being the smartest guy in the room.
  2. There might not always be a right and wrong way to do something, but I believe there is almost always an optimal way.
    And I get frustrated/disappointed if we're not approaching it in that manner.
  3. I can do it better.
    I'm sorry, I just can. Give me a chance and I'll prove it.
  4. Bipolar af.
    Either I'm in such a good mood that nothing can change it or I just want to be left alone (and nothing can change it). There is no in-between.
  5. Mono-eater.
    I will want to eat the same thing every day for six months and then never want it again, ever.
  6. Say I don't need sunscreen.
    Get burned twice a year.
  7. Complain that I can't get the bottom two abs on my six-pack.
    Know that it's completely diet related; still eat tacos at midnight 3x a week.
  8. Honest when I'm supposed to sugarcoat.
    Do you like my tattoo? "No."
  9. Sugarcoat when I'm supposed to be honest.
    Your mom doesn't hate me, right? "No, of course not."
  10. Live like I'm invincible.
    Despite all the evidence.
  11. Food falls on the floor, I'll eat it regardless of 5second rule.
    Food sits in the refrigerator for more than a day, I'll never touch it again.
  12. Can't pass a bookstore without buying a book.
    Continue to read the same five books over and over.