Requested by @dad3
  1. Knowing is not half the battle.
    Fuck you G.I. Joe! 🖕🏻
  2. People are flawed.
    Specifically, the moment I realized my parents are just normal people and not like the Keatons or the Seavers, and there isn't a convenient resolution to all of our problems. And, the moment I realized everyone is struggling with something, and we're all just doing the best we can.(sidenote:I originally wrote "the Huxtable's" but it just didn't feel right. Apologies to Malcolm Jamal Warner, Lisa Bonet, Rudy, Claire and everyone that's NOT a serial rapist. Celebs have flaws too, and pudding pops)
  3. The All Valley Karate Tournament
    Is not something you can just enter and win after doing housework for the maintenance guy at the apartment complex for six weeks.
  4. Change up
    I started pitching seriously my junior year of high school. Those two years, plus two in college and I never mastered it. I understand the grip, technique, philosophy, I'm pronating, I'm supinating, I'm breathing through my eyelids like Fernando!... I just can't do it. I mean, I can do it, just not effectively.
  5. Cold fusion
    Still struggle with this one.
  6. 007 373 5963
    Long long ago, in a Nintendo galaxy far far away, I had notebooks with pages and pages of codes for video games. Before Google or the Internet ever existed, before gaming consoles had memory cards; the only way to beat a game was to play it straight through and if you were lucky there would be a code at some point, so you can start from that point anytime you want. The code to fight Mike Tyson, in my neighborhood, at that time in my life, was more valuable than Courtney Campbell's phone number!