Inspired by @mallofamanda @kcupcaker et al
  1. Apple Juice
    Each month a different brand or flavor. Maybe sparkling one month and Cran-Apple the next, you never know. And, it's going to come in a mason jar, even if I have to pour it in there from the Tree Top juice box myself.
  2. Tom Petty concert T
    They just announced dates/venues for the 40th anniversary tour, so there's plenty of concert T's to ensure you never get the same one. Also includes affiliated bands like Mudcrutch and the Traveling Wilbury's.
  3. Devalued sports memorabilia
    A baseball card thats been drawn on, making fun of your favorite player or team. *editors note* I didn't do that, it's from Baseball Card Vandals (I follow them on IG).
  4. Postcards
    From wherever I camped/hiked/rock climbed that month. Each postcard comes with a unique list, poem or motivational quote, possibly also a rock that I thought was cool. Hiking Adventures 2016
  5. Screenshots
    Each month you'll get a screenshot of a text conversation between @ElDudetterino and myself, ranging from incredibly mundane to hilarious or even the occasional text argument. The Curious Case of the Girl Scout Cookie Ghosting 🕵🍪👭
  6. Digital audio file
    Giphy downsized medium
    Every month, you'll receive an audio recording of voicemails my father leaves for me. The Dude monthly subscription box does not support the views expressed in these messages, and is not responsible for any harm or anger they cause. They will range from offensive to hilarious to endearing but will never be mundane.
  7. Leftovers
    We usually have a fridge full of leftovers, now you can too! Quality of leftovers not guaranteed, pending shipping distance, storage method and quality of original meal.