I would like the credit I deserve for my idea that you stole!
  1. Exhibit A
    A banner rotator called "Rebels." Interesting...
  2. Exhibit B
    The Rebels banner is a carefully curated group of li.sts about GROCERIES!
  3. Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, you may recall that not too long ago @list changed its logo AND tagline.
    "Not for groceries"
  4. Which prompted my almost immediate response to this change.
  5. Exhibit C
    Please notice the rebellious title, followed by the actual description of myself as a "rebel."
  6. Static
  7. Static
  8. Exhibit D
    Please notice the date on MY li.st
  9. Exhibit E
    My li.st was, in fact, a GROCERY LI.ST! don't tell me what to li.st about!
  10. My rebel grocery li.st predates this "new" banner by over a month!
    Ladies and Gentlemen of the li.st jury, I rest my case!