Today in History, May 17-Part 1

  1. Today in 1965, the FBI declared that the "pornographic" lyrics of "Louie, Louie" were unintelligible. To this day, they are still studying Bob Dylan's back catalog.
  2. Today in 1973, the televised Watergate hearings commenced. "This is Richard M. Nixon, coming to you, live from Washington with Spiro Agnew. Oh things went bad and we weren't very giddy, me and my good friend, G. Gordon Liddy."
  3. Today in 1873, stream of consciousness pioneer Dorothy Richardson was born. You know, it's amazing to think that back in the day, well, actually, back then or now, those of us, or, I should say, some of us, have looked inward to discover what we ask, as a society, hold...[You have reached your word limit on this post].
  4. Today in 1954, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled for school integration in Brown v. Board of Education. No funny comments to add here. Just today, May 17, 2016, over 50 years later, a federal court ordered a town in Mississippi to finally desegregate its middle and high schools.