1. I realized this morning that I've never actually been inside a @joannfabrics store
  2. And as our lord the merciful Jesus Christ says in the Yarn Gospel, 'be as yarn in all ye do, gentle and binding'
  3. So I decided to visit a local store and i wanted to tell you about the trip
  4. The facade wasn't exactly inviting but okay, didn't want to judge by that
  5. As soon as I walked into the store the manager came over and asked if I needed to use the restroom. I said I didn't and he made me promise I'd tell him if I did. Really intense guy
  6. There was a big bin of rusty nails by the door, $5.00 a pound. Not sure what this has to do with fabrics or crafts
  7. I wanted to check out their supply of crepe paper but I came across this little beauty at the start of the aisle and didn't bother going further
  8. Then the store manager came over again to check if I needed to use the bathroom yet. I said I still didn't.
  9. Check out what passes for scrapbook supplies here. Ground beef...
  10. ...and a single smurf toy
  11. I always thought scrap books were more for fun or sweet memories than raw meat and smurfs, but I guess this appeals to someone
  12. I decided to buy a souvenir from the trip so I picked up the smurf doll. When I went to pay the cashier told me a long story about how she was having a hard time 'teaching her dog to shit'
  13. Maybe I'm spoiled by my years at the Lobby but I don't think that's an appropriate story to tell a customer
  14. I'm not sure why her dog would need help learning to poop, either
  15. I can't say I was impressed by my visit to @joannfabrics but I guess I'm glad I saw it for myself
  16. And I hope that manager doesn't read this and figure out how to find me