Things I'm not a fan of

  1. Convertible zip off pants. Unless you're deep in the jungle in South America these should not be worn
  2. When the smoke detector batteries die and the chirping begins. It literally haunts me
  3. Fruitcake. Thank God this stuff usually only comes out once a year. Gag.
  4. Magnifying beauty mirrors that show wrinkles that don't even exist yet
  5. Chatty lyft/Uber drivers. There should be an on/off option button you can push
  6. When filmmakers make everyone look excessively sweaty in tense submarine scenes
  7. Airport anxiety of waiting forever in a security line and then having 5 seconds to remove your jacket,shoes, laptop before someone behind you is pushing their bins onto the tables. Uncool bro...
  8. When you get sunburned on just that one small patch you missed. Just great 👍🏻
  9. When you relate something to a favorite film and the person you're speaking with has never seen it. Crushing.
  10. When humidity meets my hair and it evolves into Julia Roberts circa 1985 "Mystic Pizza" style.
  11. Happy-clappy morning DJ's who never need a cup of coffee and love being 'early risers'. F*ck off already.