As recounted for the two 30ish women on either side of him. And for everyone within 30 feet.
  1. He is a "ranked" NY Times crossword master
  2. He is both an attorney and a musician (at the same time!).
    This, he explains, is evidence that he is both left-brained and right-brained.
  3. He met Gloria Steinem.
    "Gloria's cool."
  4. He met Cher
    No barometer on her coolness level.
  5. He was in a band in which everybody respected one another.
    This freed them to just jam.
  6. He can do the Saturday NY Times crossword in 20 minutes, but it's no longer even fun for him.
    "Wow!" exclaims the woman on the left.
  7. He is very familiar with Norse mythology
  8. On buying drinks for women "I used to only buy drinks for strippers, but now I buy them for intelligent people."
    Presumably he considers these two women the latter.