My Most Anticipated Games of July 2016

Not a whole lot of new or interesting games are launching in July; I think it may be the slowest month of 2016. While I wasn't unable to come up with five games, as usual, there are still a few titles of note. Here are my top four most anticipated games for the month of July 2016. Let me know yours in the comments!
  1. 4- The Banner Saga 2 (July 26, XBO/PS4)
    While I never finished the first one, I did play it extensively and really enjoyed the story and mechanics, and am really interested in the second game. I'm glad the excellent first game was well enough received to merit a second.
  2. 3- Carmageddon: Max Damage (July 8, XBO/PS4)
    The Polygon headline regarding this game's announcement basically says it all — "Carmageddon: Max Damage brings vehicular homicide to consoles this year." What more could you need?
  3. 2- Inside (July 7, XBO)
    Any other month, this would likely have been my number one game. A spiritual successor to Limbo? Yes, please. If this game is even 10% as good, it'll still be a great game.
  4. 1- I am Setsuna (July 9, PS4)
    People are billing this as being an RPG with a battle system that mimics Chrono Trigger's, which is easily in my top 5 favourite games of ALL TIME! Hype, hype, hype! On top of that, it's a Square Enox title, and we know they can know it out of the park when they put their mind to it! If this game is the real deal and can deliver, it is mos def a contender for my GOTY award!