My Most Anticipated Video Games of August 2016

While July was a bit slow, we're finally getting some big games in August. These are my top 5 most anticipated games to round out the summer!
  1. 5) Bound - (PS4) - August 16
    A trippy, experimental game with a ballet theme? Sign me up! I've seen Black Swan and know how sexy this could get!
  2. 4) Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - (PS4/XBO) – August 23
    People tend to forget just how good Human Revolution was (other than the horrible boss fights) and I'm hoping Mankind Divided can do it again!
  3. 3) Resident Evil 4 Remastered - (PS4/XBO) – August 30
    One of my all-time favourite games, and its been a few years since I've played it. I'm looking forward to enjoying this one again. Who doesn't want to relive the horror of having your head cut off with a chainsaw in 1080p HD?
  4. 2) Batman – The Telltale Series - (PS4/XBO) – August 2
    A Batman game in which you're as much Bruce as you are Bat. Bruce Wayne's story has always been just as entertaining as the caped crusader's in the comic books, and I'm happy this is going to be explored more in depth in a different entertainment medium.
  5. 1) No Man Sky - (PS4) - August 9
    Fucking finally!