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at the start of the previous school year, you were my hero, my role model. but now you ruined my life.
  1. You got me sent to my dean twice for shit reasons
    And if that wasn't bad enough. You drained every last ounce of power I once had. I went 128 days PMO free and I relapsed because I thought my sexual energy was what was ruining me. My fear can not go away. You have ruined my educational experience. Everyone thinks I'm racist now. Girls curve me everywhere saying "fuck off racist". You set me up, telling Frank to block me because I was rascist, giving me the worst spring break ever, when he was very free.
  2. You told owen To stay away from me
    He banned from the group chat and got me kicked out of two plusblocks. He told everyone else to stay away. The day everyone told me to fuck off was all you. Fuck you.
ever since November, I have had no filter, and due to my family hating the election results and me rebelling from my family, my politics go farther and farther right, until here I am, a Confederate american teenager. in secret, of course. Here are a few things to know about me.
  1. This is how my rating system works
    0: For Mega faggot pussy cunts 1: For Mega Faggot cunts 2: for Pussies white faggots 3: For Fucking pussy faggots 4: for Mega fags 5: for Pussies 6: for stupid Fags 7: for fucking queers 8: For Bisexuals 9: for real men 10: Hardcore shit man
  2. I vary a lot in toughness
    Some times I'm a Confederate god. Other times, I'm a scared little girl asking my where Daddy went. Now I'm the second option, it's day by day, but also because Of excessive choking of the chicken. I'm gonna run down some more shit tommorow and keeping going until you know everything
0n March 13, 2012 , I was not yet 10, and was a fourth grader. nonetheless, I decided to start a diary.
  1. Today, July 29,2017, I finished my fifth notebook
  2. Across 5 books
    I see how I grew from a kid who felt too wimpy and submissive as a 4 11' kid next to 3' 6' kids into a 6' 2' sophomore in high school who is known for being an impulsive racist who Abuses his extreme strength, beating kids up, and cursing instead of sports. An extreme change in mind and character, life is different.
  3. From this to this man
    I know in a few years I'll laugh at this, but I'm a sucker for transformations, and a transformation five years and five books of recording has made.
  4. See you at diary #10
  1. "everyone's a freshman but me"- My uncle john
It's now summer, and this past year has changed me greatly. this is really just a list of updated thoughts and opinions, but here it is.
  1. September 2016
    On September 7th, 2016, I was in a totally different place. I had just come off of what hopefully will be the most boring summer of my life, where I had maybe 2 interactions with people, and stayed inside all day. I was too scared to really do anything. I hated everyone, and thought my life sucked. I met new people. However, I was too caught up in myself to take action, with people of either gender. Bad fucking start.
  2. October 2016
    Now I don't think I was at my peak in October, but I certainly climbed a little. All I cared about was my weekly fap, and slacked in school, and making relationships. Now the two open courts... Those were the best days of the year. I wish I could live through that every day. But Halloween sucked, and my classes were fucking boring. I slowly started opening up, which was honestly a bad move in terms of friendships, but I discovered who I was from it.
  3. November 2016
    A mix of the months before it. I was shy, nervous, and self conscious. I chickened out of asking out girls. I was to scared to accept offers given to me. However I actually gave a rats ass. I put so much effort into doing push ups and 8 pound dumbbell lifts, and playing basketball, that the blossom of a pair started growing.
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this article is about my masturbation addiction. I went many months abstaining from porn, but I quickly fell back into addiction, because I am a gigantic pussy who never gets any.
  1. Day 0: I'm sorry for this, but for the 80 billionth time, I'm resetting my streak.
    This has to go better. I am quitting for good. Never again.
my last day is tommorow, and to celebrate, I've prepared a list of things I'm planning on doing.
  1. Slap my chest
    This is the one jock thing I feel comfortable doing. You bet your ass I'm doing it
  2. Walking out
    Y'all know about the 0-12 goat squad, right? Well that team was the cavaliers, so I'm wearing my jersey, slam my hand against the floor while crying, and say " Cleveland! This one's for you, baby!" And leave. Like LeBron did last year. Note: I leave 20 minutes later than everyone else, no one will see this but me.
  3. Spike all my shit into the trash, like I'm throwing an enemy to the ground
    I've let my stuff pile up just so I can break the side of my trash bin with my papers and belongings from school. Not quite as cool, but part of the plan.
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  1. I can not wait to finish freshman year. When it's over, I will actually do what LeBron did at the end of the 2016 finals
  2. It's so fucking close...
  3. First day of June🕛
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  1. Starting point
    Michael Cameron. Dorky ass, fapping ass nigga.
  2. Now:
    Michael Cameron, that guy is just truly, a nut.
  3. In the future:
    I want to be the definition of toughness, Ben Wallace. Got to stop watching porn, and get out of this crazy period, to see what else lies in life. Finna toughness.
I'm only in May, and I have another month left, but I really wanted to make this list, so here it is:
  1. September 2016
    September 7, 2016 was my first day of high school. I got to school, stood alone for about a minute, and then my friend Eduardo showed up. We had orientation in the cafe, while I was being harassed by my friend at the time Connor. I hurt my ankle badly playing basketball, and walked with a limp for the month. I met jack, who I thought was a nice kid. I really liked my history and science teachers. I hated all my other classes. felt horny, fapped a lot. A pretty weak start for me.
  2. October 2016
    Two open court sessions for the high school basketball team. Showed me I was weak, slow, and out of shape. I spent the whole month learning every equipment free workout I could. I met Eddy, Frank, Joey, Owen, and hayato. I only masturbated once a week. Learned about testosterone, and thought I could fight anyone. I saw this really hot girl in my English class, and planned to ask her out one day. Things looked great. A MUCH improved month from September.
  3. November 2016
    Where I started fucking up. I stopped talking to Eddy and owen, was too shy to make plans with the other 4 people I talked to, I turned down Jack's offers TWICE. I kept doing my workouts and basketball, got a Snapchat. Lost my glasses on the 1st, got a new pair the 20th. Pep rally was hella lit. Chickened out at the last possible second of asking my crush out leaving pep rally. Did 300 pushups before bed, went at 11 before tryouts. But they were GOAT of tryouts. Didn't make it. Okay month.
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